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TTU: Participatory Design, Design Thinking, Social Innovation

Tatung University is one of the most progressive and innovative universities in Taiwan. The university’s College of Design is famous for its design practice, outstanding industry-university collaborations and the well-equipped makerspace. Also, the college has won a lot of design awards from the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Award. Dr. Yen-Fu Chen is Assistant Professor of the Media Design Department and joint appointment Assistant Professor of the Industrial Design Department at Tatung University, Taiwan. He is also the Principal Investigator of Participatory Design Lab at the College of Design. He and his colleagues are investigating into how designers empower stakeholders as co-designers to bring knowledge of their context in designing for social innovation. The design research projects cover interaction design, game design and product design with a focus on the issue of active aging, healthcare, and sustainability. Also, he is interested in the impact of design thinking in high education. Currently his research team is recruiting international students to investigate how design/non-design students from different cultures work together for social innovation. Please contact Dr. Yen-Fu Chen if you need further information.

Program: TTU: Participatory Design, Design Thinking, Social Innovation
School: Tatung University
Organizer: Department of Media Design
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Period of Apply:
  • 2020/01/01 ~ 2020/12/31
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Contact Person: Dr. Yen-Fu Chen

TEL: yfchen@gm.ttu.edu.tw

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Taipei City is the capital of Taiwan, located in the Taipei Basin of northern Taiwan. It’s a modern and convenient city, the public transportation system is the most complete in Taiwan.
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