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TTU: Design, Social, Culture

Tatung University (TTU) locates at the center of Taipei City, Taiwan. Many international exchange students come to TTU to experience different cultures and lifestyles every year. Tatung University has professional teams of teaching. There is the largest makerspace in Taiwan. Its design department is one of the top 20 design schools in the world and one of the earliest design colleges in Taiwan. It has won many Red Dot Design Awards, and the annual new generation design exhibition is also attracting many visitors. The school has established a number of practical courses to allow students to apply the learning knowledge directly. The school offers a wide range of design, hand-made, social-related, service and user experience courses, allowing different design-interested groups to experience the charm of design, thus promoting cultural exchanges. In addition, talents from different disciplines to cultivate interdisciplinary talents from Design, Engineering and Management. The close relationship with the company also provides students with a wealth of internship opportunities. The accommodation during the visit is fully covered. It's welcome for taking some courses and blending the cultural communication with locals!

Program: TTU: Design, Social, Culture
School: Tatung University
Organizer: Department of Industrial Design
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Period of Apply:
  • 2020/01/01 ~ 2020/12/31
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Contact Person: Assistant Prof. Maggie Lin

TEL: +886-2-21822928 #6233 / kclin@gm.ttu.edu.tw

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Taipei City is the capital of Taiwan, located in the Taipei Basin of northern Taiwan. It’s a modern and convenient city, the public transportation system is the most complete in Taiwan.
Location: Tatung University