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New South-Bound International Students Hotel Internship Program in Ming Chuan University (Application period has expired)

New South-Bound International Students Hotel Internship Program aims to cultivate students’ professional knowledge and skills in international tourism and hospitality industry. Students in this program will first study in Ming Chuan University’s Travel & Tourism Program as exchange students for one semester and afterwards participate in professional internship in a hotel for at least 200 hours. Students will therefore be able to gain knowledge related to tourism and hospitality and also professional work experience in hotel operations and management.

Ming Chuan University has a multicultural and bilingual environment with international students from more than 80 countries, and its Travel & Tourism Program under International College is a four-year undergraduate program where international and Taiwanese students learn together in an all-English environment. Here students can enroll in courses and learn various subjects related to the tourism and hospitality industry. After completing the courses, students in this program will be assigned to work in either two teaching hotels on Ming Chuan campuses or international tourist hotels in Taipei. This professional internship will last for a minimum of 200 hours, during which students may work in different areas of hotel operations, such as front desk, guest relations, housekeeping, or food and beverage service.

In addition to gaining professional knowledge and skills, this program also offers great opportunities for participating students to learn Mandarin, improve their language proficiency, and gain understating of Taiwanese culture through activities such as calligraphy, Taiwanese opera, and so on. A “Buddy Program” is provided to pair international students with Taiwanese students to help them adapt to life in Taiwan and also facilitate cultural exchange. Furthermore, the school’s dormitory is also provided for the convenience of the students in this program.

MCU Taoyuan campus is conveniently located, within 15 minutes to Taoyuan city, 50 minutes to Taipei city.

Program: New South-Bound International Students Hotel Internship Program in Ming Chuan University (Application period has expired)
School: Ming Chuan University
Organizer: Ming Chuan University
  • all semester (mid. of Sep. – end of Jan.) Spring semester ( mid. of Feb. – end of Jun)
Period of Apply:
  • 2017/04/01 ~ 2017/10/30
  • Semester and application deadline:
    Fall semester: April 1 ~ April 30
    Spring semester: October 1~ October 30

Tuition Fee: NTD 47,201/ semester
Tuition Fee Includes:

Tuition Fees

Dormitory Information:

All international students will be provided with on-campus or off-campus dorms through application, on a first come, first served basis. Please note that the school is not able to arrange accommodation for couples or families.
All rooms are equipped with desks, book shelves, built-in wardrobes, and bunks without mattress. Internet and air-conditioning are also provided in each room. In addition, kitchen, laundry, and lounge facilities are provided on each floor.

Contact Person: Charles Shih, PhD

TEL: +886-3-3507001 ext.3332

Website of Program:

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