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NDHU: Community Ecological Cooperation Network, Rural Experimental Education, Community Economics

Taking "rural experimental education x community economicx green economy = sustainable development" as the main axis of learning, we will arrange to stay in the field where Donghua University operates, and learn how to create sustainable businesses that meet social and environmental needs. Non-capitalist How the village united economy operates. It also talked with the Australian alternative economy and business model through a workshop to promote the idea of "socioeconomic" innovative methods and application models.

Wu Wei Wu (Five Way House) Community Ecological Cooperation Network
We are trying to develop an alternative educational model based on the concept of “Community Ecological Cooperation Network” to restore the social networks inside communities while doing educational projects.
Donations from all over Taiwan, including individual and entrepreneur.
The children and teenagers learn how to sort out the second-hand objects, merchandise display, and sell these goods.
Children and teenagers earn working credits to exchange what they needs, daily supplies, and in exchange for field trip to go out, and knowledge and skills as well.

Internship period:
We prefer those who can stay for at least 1-2 months. Starting dates are flexible.

Program: NDHU: Community Ecological Cooperation Network, Rural Experimental Education, Community Economics
School: National Dong Hwa University
Organizer: Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies
  • 2020/3/1~2020/11/30
Period of Apply:
  • 2020/03/01 ~ 2020/11/30
Tuition Fee: Please contact us!

Contact Person: Ms. Hsiao-Ying Huang

TEL: +886-3-8905246 /

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