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International Innovation & Entrepreneur Leadership Experience Program (II/ELE)

CYCU has annually held this summer program in July since 2012.The Program" is taught entirely in English. The event has been strongly praised by many participating schools and students. International Innovation & Entrepreneur Leadership Experience Program was organized by CYCU campus-wide departments, teachers and internationally renowned invitee scholars. International activities implemented joint seminars, included student members of the CYCU and affiliate international school students; all attending a ninety-hour course lectures in English. The topics at hand comprised of: fieldwork, corporate visits, and a Business Plan report contest.

Besides , we also hosted multiple excursions for foreign students to show the beauty of Formosa, particularly in arranging cultural tours to The North Coast, Sun Moon Lake, and to the Ilan traditional arts and cultural center. This provided the opportunity to demonstrate Taiwan's natural topography and natural landscape. Students experienced first-hand local Taiwanese traditional culture of the indigenous peoples.

The camp were created based on the three philosophies of education: "utilizing creativity, stimulating innovation, and discovering entrepreneurship".

At the end of the program , we also concluded with a contest demonstrating knowledge gained, in hopes that students utilize skills of innovation, entrepreneurial talents, teamwork, leadership and international perspective.

Program: International Innovation & Entrepreneur Leadership Experience Program (II/ELE)
School: Chung Yuan Christian University
Organizer: Entrepreneurship & Technology Licensing Center and the College of Business
Co-Organizer: Office of International and Cross-Strait Education
  • 3 weeks
  • 2018/07/10~2018/07/28

Period of Apply:
  • 2018/02/01 ~ 2017/05/31
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Dormitory Information:

Dormitory in the campus.

Contact Person: Ms. Chung

TEL: +886-3-265-1824

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