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A Journey on Eastern Medicine and Culture – International Student Exchange Program (Application period has expired)

China Medical University plans to invite partner universities and those affiliated with central Taiwan Teaching Learning Resource Center to participate and contribute to the project named “A Journey on Eastern Medicine and Culture- International Student Exchange Program.” This project will be facilitated with Taiwan culture, Chinese medicine, and Taiwan health services relevant lectures along with visits to medical hospitals, public health departments, Chinese herbal drug manufacturers and arranged cultural tours on famous spots. The aim of all above learning contents is to attract international students from allied sister universities to join in the project’s programs. Each of foreign participants will be assigned with one or two CMU’s or partner universities’ students as study buddies for the exchanges on viewpoints from different cultural backgrounds. Moreover, the abundant interchanges after class, such as local culture, history and delicacies will enrich both local and international students’ acquisition. By so doing, we expect that the ultimate goal of this project that the significant increase in the self-confidence with enhanced English proficiency and communication skills for Taiwan students to migrate to the global world can be reached.

Program: A Journey on Eastern Medicine and Culture – International Student Exchange Program (Application period has expired)
School: China Medical University
Organizer: Office of International and Public Affairs
  • 13 days
Period of Apply:
  • 2017/07/22 ~ 2017/08/03
Tuition Fee: Program fees for one person: $400 USD (partner university)
Tuition Fee Includes:

◎ Registration:
To apply, students should hand in the application form to CMU via e-mail and pay the registration fee. Registration form and instructions are available as attached.

◎ Registration fee:
--Students from
*CMU partner universities: 400 USD

--Registration fee is non-refundable, and the registration is completed once CMU receives the remittance.
--Tuition and accommodation in the duration of program are FREE for qualified students, but participants should pay for their own airfare, VISA fee, meals and other personal expenses.

◎ CMU provides courses which are all taught in
English including:
--Tai Chi
--Chinese Medicine
--History of Taiwan

◎ Admission quota:
Each university can select at most 2 students. CMU-partner-university students have the priority to be accepted.

Contact Person: Ms. Yu-Chi Lin

TEL: +886-4-22053366 #1611

Website of Program:

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