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「TEEP@AsiaPlus」TMU: International Biomedical Interdisciplinary Training Program

International Biomedical Interdisciplinary Training Program

Taipei Medical University welcomes individuals with strong interests in biomedical research to join our International Biomedical Interdisciplinary Training Program. The Program provides an intellectually stimulating environment and exposes the students to our exciting work in drug discovery and therapy research and brain and behavioral sciences research. Combining research training and cultural experience, the Program enables participants to focus on systematic literature reviews, clinical research methodology, data collection, and meta-analysis while taking part in visits to Taiwan healthcare organizations, project meetings, journal clubs, and sightseeing activities.

Program Sub-themes
Drug Discovery and Therapy Research
• Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacoepidemiology International Internship Training Program
• Ophthalmic Formulation Design & Experimental Therapy Internship Training Program
• Viral Infectious Diseases & Oncolytic Immunotherapy Internship Training Program

Brain and Behavioral Sciences Research:
• The Nature of Consciousness and Cognition: A Multimodal Neuroscience Approach
• Sleep and Physical Activity in Older Adults
• Chronic Pain Research Internship Program

Full program details are available at

To apply, please send your CV and study plan to and specify the sub-theme that you would like to focus on. The Program Manager will assist with your application accordingly.

Program: 「TEEP@AsiaPlus」TMU: International Biomedical Interdisciplinary Training Program
School: Taipei Medical University
Organizer: Office of Global Engagement
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Period of Apply:
  • 2019/01/01 ~ 2019/12/31
Tuition Fee: Please contact us!

Contact Person: International Students Section, Office of Global Engagement


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