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Taiwan’s Ministry of Education has launched a special program titled “Taiwan Experience Education Program at Asia (TEEP@AsiaPlus)"" to welcome young Asian research students/scholars to join and explore different universities and colleges in Taiwan for Short-Term Research Internship (STRI). This STRI Program in Food and Environmental Toxicology (FET) is promoted, funded, and approved by MOE (the Ministry of Education, Taiwan), and proposed/organized by Research Center for Environmental Medicine (RCEM) in Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU), and co-organized and supported by TEEP@AsiaPlus and Elite Study in Taiwan (ESIT).

KMU is the first and top ranked private medical university in Taiwan, established in 1954 and has a multicultural and bilingual environment with international students from more than 60 countries. The RCEM was established in 2008 and possess more than 20 professors in 8 different research areas covering all environmental medicine related fields. And the Center for research and development of multi-disciplinary teams dedicated to actively exploring the impact of today's important emerging environmental and food safety and toxin issues related to public health. And this centre possesses large number of international research collaborations including Asia, Europe and USA and have great research interaction with medicine (4 affiliated KMU hospitals).

The STRI-FET@RCEM-KMU Program is specifically designed for Asian students/scholars to experience and explore RCEM and KMU in depth in a short time (4-6 months) through research and study activities at Research Center for Environmental Medicine, KMU, Taiwan. The STRI-FET@RCEM-KMU program highlights short-term research experiences and English teaching curriculum by (1) intern at various research labs at different fields of advanced environmental medicine research areas such as environmental and food safety issues and examining food and environmental toxins, integrating environmental exposure and clinical medicine, and basic clinical science, (2) exploring and handling of various advanced high-tech analytical instruments/bio-equipment (especially, LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS, ICP-MS, PCR, etc.,) at KMU, (3) great research interaction with medicine and learning advanced clinical medicine and analytical toxicology related courses. In addition to gaining professional knowledge and skills, this STRI-FET@RCEM-KMU program also offers great opportunities to continue to pursue higher education or research positions at RCEM-KMU and for participating students/scholars to learn Chinese, improve their language proficiency, and gain understating of Taiwanese culture.

Program:Short-Term Research Internship (STRI) Program
Field:Food & Environmental toxicology, Analysis, Medicine
University:Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU), Taiwan
Organizer:Research Center for Environmental Medicine
Co-Organizer:Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP) at Asia
Internship Period:4~6 months (Minimum term should be at least 4 months)
Total Intern Positions:5
Application period:2017/12/25 ~ 2018/01/25
Result Announcement:2018/02/05
Internship Period:Starts at 2018/02/24 and ends at 2018/09/30

Internship covers:
1) Round-trip airfare offered up to NTD 20,000
2) Free accommodation is provided.
3) Grant of NTD 3~4,000 per student per month is available for living cost.
4) Free Medical Insurance during the intern stay
5) Free access to Research facilities and instrument.
6) Attending Conferences and Special Lectures are available.

Dormitory Information:International Dormitory at KMU (3 ~ 4 students/room)

1. Must hold Citizenship of Asian countries (Such as Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Indonesia Mongolia, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Honk Kong and etc.,) except Taiwan, China, Macau.
2. Current undergraduates/graduates (master/doctoral) students or graduated/degree holders of Bachelors/Masters/PhD or company/industry workers are eligible to apply for this internship
3. Educational Background must be in any Life Science or Natural science or Medicine disciplines or majors which mainly focus on the research on food and environmental toxicology & related analysis, environmental medicine.

Program: 「TEEP@AsiaPlus」STRI-FET@RCEM-KMU Program
School: Kaohsiung Medical University
Organizer: Research Center for Environmental Medicine
Co-Organizer: Department of Medicinal and Applied Chemistry
  • 7 months
  • 2018/02/24-2018/09/30

Period of Apply:
  • 2017/12/25 ~ 2018/01/25
Tuition Fee: Please check the program description

Contact Person: Dr. Yu-Ming Hsu

TEL: maiz538272@gmail.com

Website of Program: envmed.kmu.edu.tw/index.php/en-GB/

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