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「TEEP@AsiaPlus」NTUST: Robotics, Control, Programming

Recruiting college sophomore, junior or seniors (2nd, 3rd, and 4th year) students to intern in our Smart Sensing and Control Lab here at Taiwan Tech’s Mechanical Engineering Department for 3 months. This project aims to develop a self-driving robot with all directional wheels, where this project will teach the visiting students technology in the field of Robotics, mechatronics, and automation. This project hope to deliver a platform to study advance control, and actually implement automation technology on a robotics all-directional self-driving car called the Omni-Directional Vehicle (ODV). Therefore the participating student is expected to spend three months designing, building, and testing the ODV platform.The student is expected to be guided from a close mentor, and work along with fellow students here at SSCL. Topics to learn include programming skills, mechatronics design and operation, and many others. SSCL will provide the necessary equipment and mentoring needed to further this ODV project, and supply this project with organized milestones. Hopefully this intern experience will provide inspiration and reference of the visiting student to pursue a career in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM).

Program: 「TEEP@AsiaPlus」NTUST: Robotics, Control, Programming
School: National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Organizer: Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • 3 months
Period of Apply:
  • 2019/02/18 ~ 2019/05/31
Tuition Fee: Please contact us!

Contact Person: Prof. Peter Chang


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