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「TEEP@AsiaPlus」NCUE: Green Materials, Thermoelectrics

The goal of this project is to familiarize students with synthesis using low temperature methods such as hydrothermal and chemical reductive methods, phase identification of synthesized materials using powder x-ray diffraction techniques, electrical resistivity, thermopower, and thermal conductivity measurements as a function of temperature for research in thermoelectric green energy materials. Thermoelectric materials are used to make thermoelectric modules both for thermoelectric generator (TEG) by direct energy conversion from waste heat to electricity via the Seebeck effect and thermoelectric coolers (TEC) without using refrigerants via the Peltier effect.
The high reactivity of the nanoparticles obtained from low temperature synthesis can naturally form a nanostructured material at lower temperatures during consolidation. The nanostructured materials can help reducing the lattice thermal conductivity, which could enhance thermoelectric performance by increasing zT values. The successful candidates would receive 15000 NTD per month for the duration period from 4 – 6 months. Moreover, the candidates can continue to pursue Ph. D. if the candidates possess master degree of science (M. Sc.) after successful application for the Ph. D. program at National Changhua University of Education.

Program: 「TEEP@AsiaPlus」NCUE: Green Materials, Thermoelectrics
School: National Changhua University of Education
Organizer: Department of Physics
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Period of Apply:
  • 2019/02/01 ~ 2019/06/30
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Contact Person: Prof. Chia-Jyi Liu


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