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「TEEP@AsiaPlus」Internet-of-Thing (IoT), 5G, OpenAirInterface

Our laboratory offers interns for two main categories: Internet-of-Things (IoT) and 5G cellular network supporting massive machine-type communications. We are looking for students who have programming skills and would like to realize their ideas.

- For IoT, we are conducting different field trials for different IoT applications, includes solar energy, smart meters, chillers, and car management. We use ThingWorx to develop IoT management platform.

- For 5G, we work with EURECOM for the OpenAirInterface (OAI) open source project and implement Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IOT) and 5G New Radio (NR) base station on top of OAI platform. Students can learned the key medium access control (MAC) modules to implement the NB-IOT and 5G NR protocols.

Program: 「TEEP@AsiaPlus」Internet-of-Thing (IoT), 5G, OpenAirInterface
School: National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Organizer: Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering
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Period of Apply:
  • 2018/01/01 ~ 2018/12/31
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Contact Person: Prof. Ray-Guang Cheng


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