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「TEEP@AsiaPlus」CGU: Electionics, Reliability, Software, Materials, Simulation

Technology advancement has improved quality of our lives, but only if they are reliable. Also, in order for most people to enjoy the benefit offered by the advanced technologies, they must be cost effective. Center for reliability sciences and technologies (CReST) is a rare research center in the world to devote research focus on the applications of scientific and mathematical knowledge to enhance the reliability of engineering products and systems at a cost effective way. This center is in Chang Gung University, Taiwan. The methods developed are highly needed in industry and thus the center has many projects with industry. This center has many international researchers and the common language for communication is English, and we welcome students from all over the world to do internship here, increasing your employability. We work on electronic products such as IC and PCB, engineering materials including semiconductor materials, metals etc, energy products such as Li Ion Battery, engineering system such as aircraft, oil and gas plant, medical engineering system, as well as communication system. It is a comprehensive research center on reliability.

Program: 「TEEP@AsiaPlus」CGU: Electionics, Reliability, Software, Materials, Simulation
School: Chang Gung University
Organizer: Center for Reliability Sciences and Technologies
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Period of Apply:
  • 2019/01/01 ~ 2019/12/31
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Contact Person: Ms. Amber Lin


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