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「TEEP@AsiaPlus」Biodiversity, Ecology, Evolution

Taiwan is an island in East Asia, which located some 180 kilometers off the southeastern coast of mainland China across the Taiwan Strait. Taiwan is quite a big tropical and subtropical island and has an area of 35,883 km2. Because Taiwan is located in the Pacific seismic belt, which means you can see volcano here, and have plenty of natural resources and beautiful scenery. From sandy beaches, rocky shores or beautiful coral reefs, you can go all the way up to see boreal forests in merely three to four hours. Therefore, high biodiversity is important character of flora and fauna in Taiwan, which also has many endemic species. In this year, 2018, the summer field course will be held in Green Island and Fushan Botanical Garden of Taiwan, from 23th July to 1th August. This course will cover basis of biodiversity and ecology of marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

Program: 「TEEP@AsiaPlus」Biodiversity, Ecology, Evolution
School: National Taiwan University
Organizer: College of Life Science
  • 1.5 weeks
Period of Apply:
  • 2018/01/01 ~ 2018/12/31
  • Please contact us to confirm the period of apply!

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Contact Person: Mr. Kai-Hsun Liang


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Taipei City is the capital of Taiwan, located in the Taipei Basin of northern Taiwan. It's a modern and convenience city, the public transportation system is the most complete in Taiwan.
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