Introduction to TEEP

In 2015, the Ministry of Education in Taiwan is launching a new program titled “Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP)" to welcome students to join different universities and colleges in Taiwan for short term professional internship. Qualified international students are welcome to apply for TEEP Fellowship. You can experience not only in-depth education in Taiwan but also connect with the Asian job market through TEEP-gateway.

Internship + Chinese

During the internship program, students who major in all areas will have an opportunity to learn about the companies (or industries) and to experience its international business operations and the developments of companies (or industries). Moreover, the students will be expected to participate in various areas in their companies in order to prepare themselves when the students get into the business world in advance. There will be various job placements according to the students’ specialties.

In addition to internship, the Chinese learning, cultural immersion and high quality dormitory service will be included. The cultural immersion program is designed to help the internship students learn Chinese language and understand Taiwanese culture for the students to be successfully adapted in Taiwan during their internship period.