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Engineering, manufacturing and construction

National Cheng Kung University

International Graduate Program of Civil Engineering and Management (ICEM) (土木工程學系) (PhD)

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fall / spring

Program Overview
As one of the key educational institutes in cultivating finest civil engineers in Taiwan, the Department of Civil Engineering at National Cheng Kung University now provides a unique International Graduate Program of Civil Engineering and Management (ICEM) for graduate students pursuing a degree of Master of Science. With a full spectrum of courses on theoretical backgrounds and technological applications, ICEM provides a complete overview in a broad area of civil engineering, including structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, engineering materials, geomatics, environmental engineering, hydraulic and ocean engineering, and engineering management.

Program Objectives
Assisting friendly nations in cultivating professionals in the fields of Civil Engineering and Management and expanding cooperation to strengthen relationships between Taiwan and its allies.
Strengthening students’ theoretical foundation and practical training in Civil Engineering and Management.
Advancing local students’ global vision and English skills by providing interaction with international students, thereby also helping to equip them with the ability to compete internationally.


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