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Tamkang University

Department of International Tourism Management

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The Department of International Tourism Management is a key component in Tamkang University’s (TKU) development. A significant amount of resources have been devoted to its establishment. The decision for this large investment was made after carefully considering TKU’s vision for the future. After the opening of the Hsuehshan tunnel in 2006, currently the fourth longest tunnel in the world, Yilan has attracted increasingly larger numbers of residents. Yilan County has undergone a process of long-term planning, and construction is under way to transfor Yilan into a tourist haven. Soon, tourism will be the major industry in Yilan. TKU also planned extensively prior to establishing this department. As a location, beautiful Yilan provides the department with plenty of practical tourism resources. At the same time, the Department of International Tourism Management will also do its best to give back to the local Yilan community.

As the tourism market in Yilan expands, its tourist infrastructure is gradually growing. It will soon be capable of serving international customers. This foundation, coupled with the TKU’s triple objectives of “globalization, information-oriented education, and future-oriented education”, has ensured that the Department of International Tourism Management is standing on firm ground, with 90% of its courses delivered in English, and a junior abroad program for all its students.

This department provides professional training in the management of tourism businesses. Our students are required to carry out a 400 hour internship before graduating. We also emphasize the acquisition of advanced concepts and the importance of innovation in operating tourism businesses, in accordance with the current trend of knowledge economics. We firmly believe that our students will be capable of managing tourism businesses with a globalized view.


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