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National Cheng Kung University

Inst. of Creative Industries Design (創意產業設計研究所) (Master)

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In order to develop creative industry and cultivate vast research talent, ICID recruits students from multiple backgrounds and specializations of study. There are three supervisor groups to meet students' needs. The groups are Group A (Brand & Marketing Planning), Group B (Media & Interaction Design), and Group C (Industry & Service Innovation). All classes in the institute are lectured in English in order to present Taiwan's special culture to the world and it is our hope that these students with diverse backgrounds will bring new energy into Taiwan's creative cultural industry.

Group A-Brand & Marketing Planning Education and research aspects:

Education and research aspects: 1. Management and Marketing of Creative Industry 2. Policy of Cultural Industry Group A focuses on cultivating students' knowledge of brand management and marketing planning as well as training their capacities of product (service) planning and development. With the concept of brand value, marketing evaluating as well as strategic marketing and management, students are encouraged to integrate culture, art, life, creativity and commodity production, and to further establish new brands and commercialize and industrialize their creative designs.

Group B -Media and Interaction Design Education and research aspects:

Interaction Design, Cognitive Psychology, Human Computer Interaction, culture & Creativity, Smart Environment, Digital Media Group B, focusing on the interaction media design with combination with technology and humanity, is one group of ICID with Doctoral and Master Programs. The research issues are related to Interaction Design, Cognitive Science, Computer Interaction, Smart Environment, culture & creativity and Digital Media, which are for promoting the quality of human life and the development of creative industry. Many of the staff's works have been rewarded in big competitions all over the world and confirmed in industry-university cooperation. Also, the High-Quality life experience house has been established with the effort of cross disciplinary, such as electric machinery, information, industry design, architecture and perception mental.

Group C -Industry and Service Innovation Education and research aspects:

Development of Creative Industries, Establishment of Creative Industries and Entrepreneurships Group C focuses on student's ability of investigating and developing the service of creative industries. Through studying industry cases, students create and conduct new business models by analyzing the current industrial development. It also reinforces students' abilities of innovation and design application. After completing market investigation, business evaluation, and marketing strategy formation, students are encouraged to propose their creative service ideas to establish creative industries and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, many academic activities, workshops, practical training projects or industry-university cooperation are to be held with domestic and international institutions for students to improving their cross disciplinary knowledge and practical capabilities in multiple fields, such as art, culture or creative industry.


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