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Health and social welfare

National Cheng Kung University

Inst. of Allied Health Science (健康照護科學研究所) (PhD)

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The Institute’s Ph.D. program emphasizes developing a philosophy of science in which multi-disciplinary research is conducted. Besides providing students multi-disciplinary healthcare knowledge, skills and applications, the institute facilitates students’ acquisition of a global vision. To prepare these future leaders in the healthcare profession fields, this program stresses high quality research and training in various disciplines related to holistic healthcare, including physiology, psychology, social science, and spirituality. This institute offers students opportunities to integrate current healthcare knowledge, as well as develop more advanced knowledge, ultimately resulting in more effective healthcare policies. Students will definitely broaden their horizons and make international connections; courses offered here for every discipline are designed based on globalized perspectives and focused on building up competences in research, teaching, professional clinical practice, and leadership.

1.Research Groups:
Group A: Clinical psychology (divided into branch A1 and branch A2)
Branch A1: Clinical psychology major
The objective is to cultivate clinical psychology lecturers or supervisors who are highly competent in the areas of teaching, research, and practices of clinical psychology and pathology, psychological assessment, and psychological therapy, rehabilitation, prevention and intervention. (For those without a master’s degree in clinical psychology, they need to complete the required courses first).
Branch A2: Cognitive neuroscience major
The objective is to cultivate those lecturers or research personnel who are interested in cognitive neuroscience to develop teaching or research competences in cognitive neuroscience-related topics.
Group B: Nursing
Group C: Physical therapy
Group D: Occupational therapy

2.For part-time students who have been accepted into the program, they need to submit the on-job training agreement from their employers at the time of the enrollment.
3.For reference letters, please use the specific format provided by the institute, which can be downloaded from the website (See the attachment in our website)
4.The number of students of each group admitted into the program is interchangeable among the groups.
5.Students should pass English test before graduation. (See the attachment in our website).
6.After enrolling our PhD program, students should choose one of the five specific ealthcare focuses (Physical and Mental Healthcare for Women, Geriatric Cares, Healthcare for Mental or Physical Development, Applied Movement Sciences for Cognitive-Motor Disabilities and Sports/Occupational Injuries, and Mental Healthcare) for their interdisciplinary research. Students need to complete the required courses of the specific focus which they choose.
**Students should choose a specific focus which his/her advisor also participates in.
7.In addition to submitting the required documents for Ph.D. program admission, please read the application procedures and related information in the NCKU Admission Guidelines for Graduate and Ph.D. Students.


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