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2018-04-09 NEWS New South Bound
VISA Announcement (THAILAND)

To promote educational exchange between Taiwan and Thailand, the following measures will be introduced:

1. Visitor Visa for Studying Chinese Purpose: Thai nationals who intend to apply for visitor visas for the purpose of studying Chinese are no longer required to provide certificates of language test.

2. Visitor Visa for General Purpose: Applicants under 18 years old who intend to visit Taiwan for short-term study of Chinese may obtain short-term visitor visas with no extension.

3. Resident Visa for Studying in Taiwan: For the visa application requirements of Thai nationals who intend to apply for resident visas for studying in Taiwan, neither the health certificates issued by designated hospitals in Thailand nor the transcripts and diplomas of the highest education are required to be authenticated. Financial statements can also be replaced by certificates of full scholarships.

For more information please contact Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand

  • Address:20th Fl., Empire Tower, 1 South Sathorn Rd., Bangkok, 10120 Thailand
  • Trasnportation:400m south of Chong Nonsi BTS station Next to Sathorn BRT station
  • TEL(66-2)6700200
  • FAX(66-2)6700220

For consular affairs inquiries, please call 

(66-2)6700200 during office hours