• FICHET Driving Cross-Border Collaboration in Higher Ed at APAIE 2023

To attend APAIE 2023 in Bangkok Thailand from March 13-17, the Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (FICHET) has organized a university delegation led by Dr. Nicole Yen-Yi Lee, Director General of the Department of International and Cross-strait Education of the Ministry of Education. The delegation includes 33 Taiwan’s higher education institutions, with a total of 70 representatives, aiming to expand all levels of educational collaboration. In addition, FICHET is spotlighting its Study in Taiwan brand and the advantages of partnering with Taiwanese universities.

On the first day of this year’s APAIE, FICHET organized a special networking event, Study in Taiwan Happy Hour, for all universities to engage in light-hearted dialogues to connect for stronger relationship. “We believe strongly that university partnership is the key to talent cultivation of higher education,” shared Dr. Yunhua Yang, Deputy Executive Director of FICHET. “On top of enjoying the invigorating dialogue and knowledge exchange around regional higher education at the conference, we are thrilled about all the opportunities to build new relationships and maximize new synergies.”    

Taiwan’s universities have always been active players in promoting global education, particularly with and for its Asian partners. It is worth noting that Taiwan’s universities offered talent training programs for students in Southeast Asian universities. These talent developmental programs built exemplary models for industry-academia- collaboration to close the skills gap. International students can not only obtain professional knowledge and industry experience, but also get to learn and study Mandarin in Taiwan.

FICHET prides itself on acting as a bridge that connects international students with Taiwan’s universities. On behalf of all universities in Taiwan, the organization consolidates collaborations with overseas universities to promote studying in Taiwan. The Study in Taiwan platform offers a tremendous set of resources to international students who wish to discover and explore all available programs in Taiwan. It is the mission of FICHET to advance connectivity and strategic partnership for global education.



Founded in 2005, the Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (FICHET) fosters collaborations between its 119 member institutions and international universities in order to promote studying in Taiwan and foster cross-border higher-education synergies. For more information, please visit