• Distinguished Foreign Alumni of Taiwan| Ambassador Mirna Mariela Rivera Andino

Name Mirna Mariela Rivera Andino
Graduated from Ming Chuan University
Country Nicaragua
Company Embassy of the Republic of Nicaragua
Position Ambassador
For Mirna Mariela Rivera Andino, arriving in Taiwan as the ambassador from the Republic of Nicaragua, brought back fond memories of her time here as a Taiwan Scholarship student. At the same time, she’s well aware of the responsibility she has for maintaining and building the friendship that exists between the two countries. As ambassador, she is in a position to use her own story and experience to encourage young people from both lands to face all challenges bravely and work to bring their dreams to fruition.
Overcoming Fears and Seizing Opportunities
Rivera has always had a passion for learning languages so, after graduating high school, she was looking for opportunities to not only improve her English but also learn other languages. A friend told her about her own experience studying in Taiwan, but the thought of going so far to such an unfamiliar place was intimidating. But as she gradually learned more about Taiwan and its safe environment for students, she decided to apply.
A Heavy Responsibility
Rivera’s graduation from Ming Chuan made her family very proud, and she left Taiwan not only with a great sense of accomplishment, but the skills and knowledge needed to start herself on a bright future.
Her appointment as Nicaragua’s ambassador to Taiwan brought her feelings of happiness, excitement and great pride, but tempered by the sense of responsibility she was taking on for maintaining and consolidating the relationship between these two nations and contributing to their mutual prosperity.
Her official work brings her into contact with people from many nations, fields and walks of life, and has contributed to the development of her views for the goal of diplomacy to unite people and nations. Every time she speaks in public on behalf of Nicaragua, she feels the weight of representing her country and people, and she is determined to do her very best for her homeland.
Meeting Challenges
Ambassador Rivera says that the biggest challenge she currently faces is to stay on top of the frenetic pace of her daily diplomatic work, including the management of consular affairs, promotion of commercial and cultural activities, and handling of academic, political and economic affairs. She also actively participates in public affairs in Taiwan and has become an integral part of Taiwanese society. She and her team have established complete and efficient processes to handle this expansive portfolio, allowing her to calmly face her foreign affairs responsibilities.
Taiwan is one of the countries with the most active business activities in the world. Nicaragua promotes the two-way cooperation between Taiwan and Central American countries as much as possible, so as to enhance the visibility of Central American countries in Taiwan as a whole.
Dreaming Big
Looking to the future, Ambassador Rivera said: “As Nicaragua’s ambassador to Taiwan, I will continue to strengthen the relationship between Nicaragua and Taiwan and do my best to raise awareness here of Nicaragua and the spirit and perseverance of our people.” She also noted that her personal experience and current position allow her to effectively promote communication and exchanges among young people from around the world, and hopes to encourage today’s youth to overcome their doubts and pursue their dreams, just like her. “I want to encourage more Nicaraguan students to come here. Together we can build great opportunities.” To quote the Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío: “If the homeland is small, we dream of it big”.”