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Graduate Guatemala

Rony Sian

UniversityNational Chiao Tung University

MajorMechanical engineering

“I realize that choosing to study it in Taiwan has been one of the best decisions in my life.”

Since I was a child my parents taught me important principles and values, that have helped me as a student and as a person - to work hard and do my best in order to achieve my goals. During my entire life I have enjoyed participating in different activities, from being part of a football team, training martial arts, to volunteering in different organizations like “Habitat for Humanity”, a non-governmental organization that helps people living in extreme poverty build their houses. Thanks to these activities I have gained a lot of experience, friends, leader and social skills, the chance of being accepted in the best high school of my country, American School of Guatemala, and even the opportunity to come to Taiwan, learn Chinese and course my bachelor degree as a scholarship student in the prestigious National Chiao Tung University.

Since a very young age I was interested in mechanical devices, machines, how they work, how they are designed and built, and how they can be helpful in making our lives more comfortable and convenient. In order to find the career that interrelates with these subjects, I made some research and chose Mechanical Engineering as my major in college. Now, after graduating from Bachelor, coursing one year of masters in the branch of mechanical engineering called Thermofluids Dynamics, and researching as a PhD student in the Energy area for more than three years, I realize that choosing to study it in Taiwan has been one of the best decisions in my life, and I see clearly that it is what I want to keep learning and base my career life on.

The area that I am focusing my research on is Energy, the branch of Mechanical Engineering that, by combining the subjects of Thermodynamics, Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, deals with one of the greatest challenges that mankind has ever faced - energy efficiency, environmental compliance and development of alternative energy technologies to substitute our dangerous and inconvenient dependence on fossil fuels. Just think about it, every time we hit a light switch, drive a vehicle, dial a phone number, use a computer, or even when eating, think of all the energy that was used to produce a simple loaf of bread, from the moment the wheat was extracted from the fields, transported, and baked, until the moment it reaches your hands.

Basically, we use energy for everything in our lives, and sadly more than eighty percent of that energy comes from fossil fuels, which not only are decreasing exponentially, but along human population is also increasing incredibly fast, therefore making our energy need even larger. Against this global human issue we may take two approaches- finding new inexhaustible sources of energy, like solar and wind energy, or/and making the current energy sources more efficient. I chose this branch of mechanical engineering not only because I find the governing dynamics of the subject fascinating, but also because of my desire to help the urge of humanity in finding alternative energy sources and make the current energy consuming as efficient as possible.

“After living the enriching experience of National Chiao Tung University for more than eight years, I clearly see that it is the place that best fits my needs.”

My main professional aim is to become a professor and professional researcher, and after living the enriching experience of National Chiao Tung University for more than eight years, I clearly see that it is the place that best fits my needs. I know for sure that NCTU is where I will reach my professional goals by acquiring great knowledge from its top-quality faculty professors and teaching programs; the worldwide recognized ranking in the fields of technology, and the resources of the national world-class laboratories and the globally recognized Silicon Valley of Taiwan, Hsinchu Science Park (HSP), which provides research facilities to students and even provides opportunities to collaborate with top high-tech companies and participate in leading technological experiments. Moreover, I have had the opportunity to learn under the supervision of a pioneer in Mechanical Engineering, with more than two hundred published papers and over four thousand citations in his area, professor Chi-Chuan Wang, with whom I have had the opportunity to learn the discipline of Heat Ventilation Air-conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) back in college, who has been my mentor and thesis advisor, and with whom I have been collaborated on multiple research/industry projects from March 2013.

It is another plan of mine, to apply all the knowledge learned from NCTU back to my country after completing my PhD. I expect to introduce new technologies in the field of mechanical engineering, and to be part of the new generation of students that will take their nation into the group of countries that is growing because they are developing their technologies, which is related to economy and social solutions. This is the case of Taiwan that no more than sixty years ago was a country like mine and nowadays is worldwide-known for its technologies and scientific breakthroughs.

“I am completely convinced that NCTU is the best place where I can achieve my goals.”

I am keen on completing my PhD at NCTU; I am working hard to fulfill the goals I have set to myself, I am not going to lie: it is very difficult, but not impossible, I know this by experience, since I already coursed my bachelors and did on year of masters in NCTU, and I know that it is all about being hardworking, thinking positive, and taking advantage of the opportunities that NCTU offers to its students.

I am completely convinced that NCTU is the best place where I can achieve my goals. Because I am receiving the best of Taiwan, I respectfully thank you for the opportunity to be filmed in the video “Study in Taiwan” and the chance to cooperate with the honorable Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (FICHET), which is giving me the chance to make my professors, family, and why not, even my country proud of their hard work and valuable time given to me.