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Chihlee Institute of Technology (CIT) was originally founded as ChihLee College of Business (CLCB) in 1964. After years of development and growth in every aspect of CLCB, the Ministry of Education upgraded the institute’s status to baccalaureate college in August of 2000, CLCB was renamed Chihlee Institute of Technology (CIT), ushering in a new era for the school. The school name and motto were adopted in accordance with the teachings of ancient Chinese philosophers and sages: honesty, faith, accuracy and diligence. Grounded in CIT’s motto and the school’s progressive history, the Chihlee Spirits is the way we refer to the time our students spend on campus becoming creative problem-solvers, extraordinary citizens, and national and international leaders. Chihlee Institute of Technology is one of the most prestigious educational institutes in northern Taiwan.

Campus Location

CIT is located in Banciao District, New Taipei City, near the outer region of Taipei City. Via the link of the Taipei Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) System, Taipei City is just 5 minutes away from campus. Banciao City is also a major stop on the Taiwan High Speed Railway, and the Taiwan Railway, which enables city residents to travel to other parts of the island in great convenience.

Student Body

To date, Chihlee Institute of Technology has over 9,000 students and its graduates exceed 25,000 alumni.


253 faculty members, who are both recognized scholars and committed to classroom teaching, currently make up the teaching staff at Chihlee.

We have a Student-to-faculty ratio of 35 to 1.


Chihlee Institute of Technology is comprised of 12 undergraduate academic departments and one graduate school offering 13 majors and over 2,000 courses.

We offer students opportunities to study abroad, participate in specialized programs, complete internships, and take community service-learning courses.


Students may apply for scholarships provided by the Taiwan government. Foreign students who have already received any kind of Taiwan government scholarships will be eligible for other scholarships and a CIT scholarship. The Ministry of Education (MOE) of Taiwan offers scholarships to encourage international students to attend local universities and their Chinese language programs. The qualifications of the applicants and the quota of applicants will be in accordance with those set by the MOE of Taiwan.


CIT is located in downtown New Taipei City; surrounding areas include many parks, shopping areas, sports and entertainment facilities. Many Eastern and Western-style restaurants and eateries are in the immediate area of campus. As these are very convenient and affordable, CIT does not provide a student cafeteria.

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CIT has one building for student housing: the first floor is the men’s dormitory with 45 beds; the second, third, fourth, and fifth floors are the women’s dormitories with 236 beds. There are separate entrances for the men’s and women’s dormitories. In practice, each room houses four students; the room is equipped with an air conditioner, table lamps, a ceiling fan, and a cable modem (cables not included). Each room also has an individual telephone number. For the safety of our students, the dormitory has curfew hours.

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No. 313, Sec. 1, Wunhua Rd., Banciao District, New Taipei City, 22050 Taiwan, R.O.C

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