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Lastest release date: Nov 14, 2017

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (abbreviation YunTech) is one of leading technological institutions of higher education in Taiwan, Republic of China. Founded in 1991, an enormous amount of resources was put in to construct the university and ensure the quality of its facilities. Since then, YunTech has grown from an institute with 8 departments and 240 students to an active university with 351 full-time faculties, 20 departments, 33 master programs, and 15 doctoral programs with approximately 9,600 students in 2009, which promotes academic teaching and professional training by emphasizing theory and practice as well as technology and humanities.

YunTech is a major contributor to the local community and country. It is active in providing technological service and personnel training for the local industry. To keep up with the latest developments in science and technology, various R & D centers were established to stimulate research and contribute to the nation’s technological and cultural achievements.

Located in Douliou, Yunlin, Central Taiwan, within easy access via highways and railway system, 50.6km west of Sun Moon Lake, 226km south of Taipei city and 141km north of Kaohsiung city, YunTech is famous for its spacious and scenic campus and artistic buildings that occupy 60 hectares. The huge and pictorial area surrounding University was designed to host the county administrative buildings, including the County Government, County Council, County Constabulary, Indoor Arena, Art Exhibition Center, and Sports Park, etc. Enclosed by such beautiful constructions, campus facilities are enjoyed by faculty, students, staff and visitors as well.


The campus is designed to accommodate the geographic environment and harmonize with the natural surroundings. Each building and its facilities are built to satisfy the needs of the users, making the university an open and friendly campus.

1) An artistic, bilingual, computerized, and humanistic campus was established and it became one of the features of the university.

2) Artistic E-campus》:

Art works are displayed both inside and outside the buildings on campus.

Eight Spots of Yuntech》:

Yun Yong Ba Fang, grassland, Bell Tower, Lotus Pond, Yun-Meng Lake, Fu-Lun Park, Guan-Yun Tower, Long -Tan Art and Cultural Square.


The university has been eager to propel and build up an internationalized living environment and it has won the Quality English Living Environment Premium Award in 2004.


Academic and administrative resources with digital management

Academic Resources》:

Official vehicles, Place lease, Allowance management, Online purchasing & request system, Online bid system, Janitor attendance management, Individual long distance phone call management.

3) Facility Aids and Security Measures》:

Parking lots are sufficiently provided for different vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. Monitoring systems, access control and regular patrol on campus are performed efficiently to avoid burglary as well.

Campus-monitoring systems include emergency button system, emergency exit alarm system for buildings, monitoring systems for streets, faculties and

parking lots, and alarm system.

Emergency report systems include emergency management, report brochures, communication & tracking mechanism, and cooperation with police and traffic departments.

4) On-campus constructions to beautify and forest the campus environment

Constructions have been planned to improve the environment in several aspects such as daylight saving, sewage improvement, garbage disposal, etc. The establishment of Show Square next to Long-Tan Road provides more space of recreation for the staff, students as well as the public.


The library mainly supports and assists teachers as well as students of the university in teaching, learning, and researching. Devoted to providing readers with a spacious, warm and comfortable environment for knowledge pursuit, the library focuses on a reader-based service and offers high-quality personal information service. It also conducts various extension programs and activities, which symbolizes itself as an excellent place for life-long learning where diverse and integrated service is offered.

The library has a total floor area of 16,571 m2 (180, 468 ft2) and approximately 1,500 seats for reading and studying. The entire library is equipped with wireless Internet devices, various data banks for teaching and research, abundant books and electronic resources, multimedia audio-visuals and a rich collection of authentic works by esteemed artists. Undoubtedly, the library has become technological and humanistic.

The library currently has a collection of more than 592,000 volumes/articles. It will keep increasing the volume of professional books or articles of various areas, thus promoting the quantity and quality of both print and digital collections.


In respect to teaching, research and service, all the related information of the university is accessible anywhere on campus. Through campus-wide wired and wireless networks, the faculty can swiftly exchange information internally and externally, also with foreign units. Teachers and students can easily access the Internet from office or apartment. With such networks, administrative departments of the university can effectively set up the related administrative information.

Meanwhile, several mass media courses are provided via this network to other universities and the industrial circles. With them, students are able to interact with students or persons outside the university. An asynchronous learning platform and digital film studio have been established as a platform for students to take online courses and also as a tool for teachers to prepare materials for digital teaching. Such establishment encourages teachers to open online courses and also provides students with diverse learning channels.

Health Service

With a well-equipped and spacious environment, the university’s Health Center regularly holds seminars and symposiums in order to develop both students and faculty’s sense of health care and industrial safety.

Counseling Service

The counseling service helps students deal with problems concerning living, studying, and career planning through individual counseling, group counseling, mental tests, seminars, and so forth.

On-Campus Boarding

The two cafeterias on campus are furnished with air-conditioning and background music, bringing comfort to the customers. Their utensils and equipment are subject to regular inspection. Students’ dormitories are divided into family-size units. Each unit has a large sitting room, a small kitchen, and a small laundry unit to make the residing students feel at home.

Outdoor Activities

Sixty-six extracurricular clubs have been established on the campus. Activities held by each club are usually combined with the resources from the university itself and also from the communities outside. Through these activities, students are able to broaden their horizon and learn more about leadership.

The university is well equipped with facilities and gyms where physical education and sports competitions can be undertaken. The promotion of physical activities such as the implementation of faculty/student sports competition, the training of university representative teams, and the establishment of faculty/student sports clubs is also emphasized on campus. Moreover, the university provides technical guidance and related equipment as well as on-site facilities. In cooperation with the public sports policy of the government, the university conducts a variety of extension programs for leisure sports during summer and winter vacations.

The area for sports activities on campus has 15 hectares, including gym, natatorium, track and field, tennis courts, baseball/softball fields, outdoor basketball courts, outdoor tennis courts, and night lighting devices for outdoor courts. The university also opens sports courts/fields for guests outside the university, in which it serves as a sports place for the community and younger students, thus fulfilling the goal of the combining community sports with campus living.

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For undergraduate students staying on-campus dormitory, one room will have four students to cost you about NT$7,955 per semester. For graduate students staying on-campus dormitory, one room will have two students to cost you about NT$9,680 per semester.

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Getting Here

By Bus:

The easiest way to get to YunTech is by train. YunTech is located in Douliou City, just 1.8 miles (3km) from the Douliou Train Station. Arriving at the Douliou Train Station, you can choose to take a taxi (at the cost of approximately US$ 3) or simply walk to YunTech, which takes about 30 minutes. (Direction:Take Chung-shan Rd.first and turn right onto Ta-hsueh Rd. Keep straight ahead, and you can see YunTech on the left-hand side.)

By Car:

National Highway No. 1 (South) (230.5 km)→Exit Xiluo Interchange→Provincial Highway No. 1→Cihtong Township→Provincial Highway No. 1→Xiping Rd.→Zhongshan Rd.→Turn Right onto University Rd. Sec. 3→YunTech (123 University Rd. Sec. 3)
National Highway No. 3 (North&South) (269.2 km)→Expressway No. 78 (Gukeng)→Provincial Highway No. 3→YunTech (123 University Rd. Sec. 3)

123 University Road, Section 3,Douliou, Yunlin 64002, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Research Output

Lastest release date: Aug 12, 2010



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41 16 0 272 117


35 23 0 255 117

Academic Information

Office of International Affairs

Lastest release date: Oct 19, 2016

Office of International Affairs (OIA) in National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
(YunTech) was re-organized on August 1, 2005 with the predecessor of the Center for University
Affairs Development initiated on August 1, 1994.These two on-campus organizations have been
serving as a window for YunTech to promote internationalization on campus and international
exchanges and cooperation with overseas counterparts since international activities are an
integral part of the University life.

The OIA is the main window to provide information, administration, and training for YunTech
students and scholars who wish to:
1. study or teach abroad in overseas partner universities under Inter-university Exchange
2. dispatch and invite faculty members under Inter-university Exchange Agreements
3. dispatch students under Inter-university Exchange Agreements
4. establish cooperative partnerships with overseas universities
5. conduct international, bilateral co-research projects
6. invite mutual visits of educational personnel and scholars
7. secure scholarship or fund for international projects and studying abroad


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Chinese Learning Center Information

Lastest release date: Aug 12, 2010


886-5-5342601 ext: 3121,3125



To promote international academic exchange activities, the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (NYUST) is starting its Chinese Language Center in the fall semester of 2003. We are dedicated to provide Chinese language services to exchange faculties and students from other countries. The Chinese Language Center of NYUST is the first in the Yunlin-Chiayi area, so we are also looking forward to helping the foreigners working and living in this area to learn Chinese and helping them to get to know the depth of the local culture.



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Popular Course

Programs for international students

Lastest release date: Oct 19, 2016

Hit Program Title Field of Study Level Language
star International Business Administration Management MA 90% ↑ in English
Applied Foreign Language Foreign Lanugages & Literatures MA 75% ↑ in English
Graduate School of Engineering and Technology Civil Engineering PHD 50% ↑ in English
Graduate School of Vocational and Technological Education Education PHD 50% ↑ in English

Scholarships List

Lastest release date: Nov 14, 2017

Scholarship Title Background Purpose
International Students’ Scholarship graduated, undergraduated Study
YunTech tuition waiver graduated, undergraduated Study

Alumni List

Lastest release date: Aug 12, 2010

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