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●About Tunghai University.

Tunghai University has been standing high and tall in higher education in Taiwan for more than 60 years since it was founded in 1955.

Tunghai is the first private university in Taiwan and the first and only educational institution with all levels of education programs starting from preschool all the way to doctoral programs. Also, Tunghai University is the first to establish and introduce General Education and Student Labor Program system in Taiwan, have long since served as models for other universities in Taiwan.


●Study in THU

→ THU has 9 Colleges, including 34 departments.

Currently near 17,000 undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled full-time. There are more than 500 faculty members in THU.

→ Tunghai has established academic exchange programs with more than 200 outstanding partner universities from 27 countries or regions around the world.

→ THU is located in Taichung City in central Taiwan, with a vibrant city life, cultural events and convenient public transportation. It is about an hour to Taipei City by High Speed Rail.

→ Over 356 acres wide situated in Taichung, the Campus is designed by world famous architect I.M. Pei. THU is renowned for its spacious and picturesque campus, which provides an ideal environment for teaching, learning and research.

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1.Tunghai University offers over 6,000 beds in on-campus dormitories.

2. Each room is shared among four students, and each student is provided with a bed, desk, chair, closet, and bookshelf. Shower rooms, toilets, and launderettes are available for use. Students

can watch TV during their free time in the lounge. There is a supermarket on campus where you can purchase your groceries.

3. Internet lines are available in every room.

4. First-year students are guaranteed on-campus dormitories.

5. Facilities include Laundromat, kitchen, living room and Internet access.

6.Tunghai Off-Campus Housing Service Center provides assistance to students who need to look for off-campus accommodation.

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Getting Here

By Bus:

There are six bus companies now providing daily transportation service between Taoyuan International Airport and major cities around Taiwan. They are :Kuokuang Bus, Fe Go Express, Toward You Air Bus, United Highway, Evervoyage and Taoyuan Bus.

You can take a bus from Taoyuan International Airport to Chao-Ma (朝馬) bus station, Taichung (台中). It takes around 2 hours and costs NT$250~350. Then, take a taxi to Tunghai University (東海大學). It takes around 10 minutes and costs about NT$ 250.

Taiwan High Speed Rail
Take Taiwan High Speed Rail to Taichung Station. Take THSR Shuttle Bus (Route THSR Taichung Station-Tunghai University-Central Taiwan Science Park)(about 30-40 mins), Taichung City Bus No. 69, or taxi (about 20 mins) to Tunghai University.

By Car:

Taichung Interchange
Take National Highway No.1 (Sun-Yat-Sen Highway) to the Taichung Interchange /exit. Take Taichung Port Road west. Tunghai University is 3 kilometers away from the exit.

Longjing Interchange
Take National Highway No.3 to the Longjing Interchange /exit. Take Taichung Port Road east. Tunghai University is 3 kilometers away from the exit.

From Taichung Railway Station
Take Zhongzheng Road west through Taichung Port Road, Taichung Interchange, Taichung Veterans General Hospital. Tunghai University will be on your right.


Research Output

Lastest release date: Oct 19, 2016



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35 20 5 4 258 200


29 23 1 10 299 220


22 17 5 1 264 228


36 24 1 6 264 212


37 21 2 4 230 221

Academic Information

Office of International Affairs

Lastest release date: Oct 19, 2016

The Office of International Education & Programs (OIEP) is founded for internationalization of Higher Education. It attempts to promote international and academic communication, and strives for cooperation with foreign universities. The OIEP encourages professors and students to study abroad for scholarly research; meanwhile, we promote talent exchange for lectures and research from all over the world. Also, we have inspired students to broaden their international perspective by providing international communication platform such as Dual Program, English-taught courses, and Professional Internship Program, etc.

Furthermore, in accordance with the expansion of International affairs and the increasing number of international students, OIEP has divided its operation into four divisions, which are listed below.
1. International Cooperation Section
2. Student Activities Section
3. Cross-Strait Affairs Section
4. Chinese Teaching Center







註冊組 Admissions and Enrollment






Chinese Learning Center Information

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Established in 1970 as the first language center in central Taiwan, CLC was initially intended to serve the family members of Tunghai's foreign faculty. The center is located on the Tunghai campus, and is nestled amongst beautiful trees, flowers, and bird songs, making it an excellent place to learn Chinese.We at the Language Centre see the interaction of real life experience and language study as very important, and hope that our students will use the skills they acquire in their lives. The marriage of linguistic expression with linguistic activity is an extremely effective teaching strategy, thus the CLC promotes language instruction that is connected to real life language, based on communication between teacher and students, and which allows students the opportunity to express themselves in real situations. Aside from language classes, complementary culture classes allow the students to experience Chinese culture firsthand. Drama classes also allow students to engage their bodies in the Chinese language and, through role-play and dramatization, experience otherwise hidden facets of Chinese society, all while improving their language skills. We care deeply about the results of students' study, and we happily assist all of our students to achieve their academic and linguistic goals.

Promgram List

NO Class Class Size Hours Tuition


General Course 5-7 people 120 hrs NTD 18,000 USD 537 2010-05-31 *The general course is opened 3terms per year: Spring (February to June), Summer (June to August), and Fall (September to January).


General Course 5-7 people 240 hrs NTD 36,000 USD 1,075 2010-07-31 *The general course is opened 3terms per year: Spring (February to June), Summer (June to August), and Fall (September to January).


Intensive Summer Course 5-7 people 240 hrs NTD 67,000 USD 2,00 2010-05-31


Others: Culture Class 10-15 people 28hrs NTD3,320 USD 99 2010-09-24


Young Learner Courses 5-7 people 120hrs NTD 10,000 USD 1,194 2010-06-12


In order to reward students for excellence and also improve the scholastic environment, the CLC offers the 「Exceptional Scholar」 award.
Exceptional Scholar Scholarship: applicants must undergo a written and oral test. Those who receive awards are granted NT$ 60,000 in scholarship money.
Application Requirements:
1. The student must have studied at the CLC for at least one semester, taking at least 15 credits in that semester.
2. The student must have achieved an academic average of 85% or above.
3. The student must have a record of good behaviour.
4. Students who took 15 hours of class per week, and did not miss class without documented reasons such as illness, death in the family, or official commitments, will be given priority.
5. The student must take a written and oral test.
6. The student must not be concurrently receiving other scholarships


Most CLC students choose to rent an apartment or studio close to campus, But according to Tunghai University policy, CLC students may apply for residence after the Undergraduate student application period. If rooms are still available, they are then made available to foreign students. Therefore, students must apply for residence after they register for classes at the Chinese Language Centre. Exchange students who hold formal student status will be guaranteed a place in residence. Residence offers four or five student rooms, and the fee is NT6300 per semester for older residence buildings and NT9600 per semester for newer buildings. In the Summer semester, rooms are available for NT380 per week. Residences do not provide kitchen space, and bathrooms are shared. Small study spaces are available within residence. Since there are not many spaces available in residence, many students will choose to live near campus. The CLC will provide assistance to students looking for accommodations, and students can expect to find a suitable living place rather quickly.

Location & Facilities

Tunghai University's Chinese Language Center (CLC) is situated on the western edge of the Dadu Mountain plain within Tunghai University campus. it is located on a hill-side campus of 345 acres to the west of Taichung City. Tunghai has various facilities which provide students with both opportunities for leisure activities and a pleasant study environment. Students who attend course at the Chinese Language Center have access to the swimming pool, gymnasium, library and also computer center which can apply for an e-mail account.

Local Attractions

Taichung is a hotspot destination for tourists from around the world with nearby sightseeing spots such as Sun-Moon Lake, Xitou, Hehuan Mountain, and Alishan, all of which are easily accessible from Taichung's central location.

Popular Course

The Language Centre offers a wide variety of classes, including courses for the absolute beginner, intermediate and advanced student, and also a Chinese Culture class. Courses not only help students improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing s

Programs for international students

Lastest release date: Feb 09, 2017

Hit Program Title Field of Study Level Language
star Architecture-Advanced Architectural Design Landscape Architecture & Architecture MA 90% ↑ in English
star Architecture建築系 Landscape Architecture & Architecture MA 75% ↑ in English
star International Business Administration Management, Foreign Lanugages & Literatures BA 90% ↑ in English
star Sustainability Science and Engineering Indusrial Engineering & Management, Environmental Enginerring BA 90% ↑ in English
star 外國語文學系Department of Foreign Languages and Literature (Bachelor Degree) Foreign Lanugages & Literatures BA 90% ↑ in English
star 外國語文學系Department of Foreign Languages and Literature (Master Degree) Foreign Lanugages & Literatures MA 90% ↑ in English
star 工業工程與經營資訊學系Industrial Engiennring and Enterprise Information (Ph.D Degree) Indusrial Engineering & Management PHD 50% ↑ in English
star 音樂學系 Music (Master's Degree) Art MA 50% ↆ in English
Short-Term Study Programs Short-term Other
The Department of Food Science Food Science MA 50% ↆ in English

Alumni List

Lastest release date: Oct 19, 2016

  • CA Northern 校友會

    Country: Andorra
    Chair Person: 黃素媛

  • CA Southern 校友會

    Country: United States
    Chair Person: 閔子成

  • Georgia 校友會

    Country: United States
    Chair Person: 鄧秀英

  • Great NY Area 校友會

    Country: Andorra
    Chair Person: 蘇贊良

  • Hawaii 校友會

    Country: Andorra
    Chair Person: 蔣志華

  • Illinois 校友會

    Country: United States
    Chair Person: 陳玉森

  • Malaysia 校友會

    Country: Andorra
    Chair Person: 陸華宗 (LOKE, HWA-CHONG)


  • Massachusetts 校友會

    Country: United States
    Chair Person: 何若珍

  • Michigan 校友會

    Country: United States
    Chair Person: 朱 莉

  • Ohio 校友會

    Country: Andorra
    Chair Person: 蘇正銘