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Lastest release date: Jun 20, 2017

The school motto of Takming University of Science and Technology is “conscientiousness”. Holding the philosophy of holistic education,, we are dedicated to cultivate students’ practial skills. Currently, we have three colleges which are Finance College, Management College and Informatics College, four graduate schools, 12 departments, 1 departmental team (1系組) and 1 degree program. Additionally, we established an on-job Master program in year 2010. In order to enhance the quality of our teaching staff, professors such as Lee Chia-Tung, Chen Ming-Zhang, Chen Guang-Xian, Xu Sheng-Hsiung, Lin Wei-Yi, Gao Chong-Yun, Pan Zhao-Xian, Luo Neng-Qing, Hua Ming-Shu, Chen Wen-Xian are recruited.

TMUST is located in Neihu district, one of the fast growing districts in Taipei and is easily accessible by public transportation. We have Mt. Shi-Bi, Bi-Hu Park, Kee-Lung River and Taipei Nei-Hu Technology Park nearby. Students can not only enjoy the fresh air but also see the beautiful view all the time. Thus has made our campus an ideal place for students to pursue their academic knowledge.

Objective and Philosophy

1. TMUST aims at cultivating students’ professional talents for the country and business talents for enterprises.

2. Integrity and professionalism are our two main focuses.


High-Quality, Constant Improvement and Innovation


1. To develop a high-quality and competitive business administration school.

2. To create a win-win environment by combining the strength of industries and academic institutions.

3. To promote the idea of placing equal weight on academic performance and practice.

4. To cultivate talents through developing professional skills and sound characteristics. Focus

1. To differentiate our colleges from those of other schools.

2. To carry out high-quality teaching.

3. To emphasize the importance of holistic education.

4. To enhance research cooperation between industries and academic organizations.

5. To establish a friendly campus environment.

6. To increase administrative efficiency.

Life on Campus


There are up to 200 kinds of scholarships provided by TMUST and external organizations. We also have emergency allowances for students who need it. All scholarships are open for both international and domestic students to apply for.


There are around 60 clubs in TMUST and they could be categorized as academic, recreational, athletic, volunteering and comprehensive. Through these club activities, students are expected to learn how to work together with other students and thus is expected to enhance students’ social and adaptive ability.


The automatic system integrated in TMUST’s library greatly increases the management efficiency and becomes helpful in students’ information search. The system is also connected to Taiwan academic network. All the books and journals housed in the library are displayed in an open-access manner. Various kinds of demonstrative classes and courses are held irregularly.


On campus, TMUST has its own student cafeteria and convenient store. There are also various food stands, supermarkets, bazaars, department stores, hypermarkets, etc nearby to meet students’ diverse demands.


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Getting Here

By Bus:

If you take the bus, get off at “Xihu Market” Bus Stop, pronounced as “Xi hu shi chang.”
The following shows the Bus Stops you might be coming from.
1. Taipei Main Station: take buses 247 or 287
2. XingTianKung (The Temple on SongJiang Road): take buses 222 or 286
3. Shilin: take buses 267 or 620
4. Dazhi: take buses 21, 28, 222, 256, 267, 247, 286, 287, 902, Red 2, Brown 16, Blue 7, 620, 646, or 214

By Car:

If you drive (not recommended due to insufficient parking spaces around TMUST) and come from the National Highway, take the Binjiang Road Exit and then go over Dazhi Bridge, then take the exit to MingShui Road, drive along TiDing Boulevard to Jihu Road entrance and turn left to HuanShan Road to TMUST. Or, if you drive from the other direction, go down from the TiDing Boulevard Exit heading toward Dazhi, turn right from Jihu Road to HuanShan Road toward TMUST.

No.56, Sec.1, Huanshan Rd., Neihu District,Taipei City, Taiwan 11451, R.O.C.

Research Output

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Academic Information

Office of International Affairs

Lastest release date: Nov 09, 2017

Direction of future development:

The International Exchange Center (IEC) was established in 2007. The IEC administers academic cooperation and exchange programs with foreign universities and international organizations. In order to enhance students' competitive ability, IEC provides the services for students to study abroad; for faculty to conduct academic research and to teach cooperation projects.

The major functions of IEC are as follows:

‧ Plan and coordinate collaborative activities with sister universities.
‧ Promote dual-degree program with foreign universities.
‧ Provide study aboard information and consultations to students.
‧ Creation, development and support for faculty and university exchange programs
‧ Provide and assist foreign students to apply scholarships
‧ Integrating international exchange activities
‧ Prepare, review, and sign various MOU and agreements.
‧ Plan and hold a variety of language-learning activity.
‧ International public affairs

In the future, IEC will focus on enhancing students' foreign language proficiency and teacher's international academic cooperation or exchange projects. The center is also play an important role between school and foreign students. IEC will continually provide a better communication and services for the foreign exchange programs.







The International Exchange Center






Chinese Learning Center Information






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Local Attractions

Popular Course

Programs for international students

Lastest release date: Nov 09, 2017

Hit Program Title Field of Study Level Language
star Department of International Trade Commerce (including Accounting) PHD 90% ↑ in English
Cross-Strait Exchange Program Short-term 50% ↆ in English

Scholarships List

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Scholarship Title Background Purpose
Takming University of Science and Technology (TMUST) Scholarship to International Students graduated, undergraduated Study

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