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Established in 1956. Upgraded in 1991. Renamed in 1997

The University has an undergraduate day program, an undergraduate night program, along with master's and doctoral programs. To meet the needs of people who are already working but wish to continue their education, the University offers continuing education programs leading to bachelor, master's, and doctoral degrees, along with a special undergraduate program for graduates of three-year vocational colleges.

An overview of the University's colleges and departments:

1. College of Journalism and Communications

Ph.D. Program of Communications ; Department of Journalism (including master's program); Department of Radio, Television and Film (radio track, television track, and film track; including master's program); Department of Public Realations and Advertising (including master's program); Department of Graphic Communications and Publishing (including master's program); Department of Speech Communications(including master's program);Department of Information and Communications (including master's program) ; Department of Digital Multimedia Arts ; Department of Communications Management (including master's program) .

2. College of Management

Department of Information Management (including master's program); Department of Tourism (hospitality management track, travel and recreation planning track; including master's program); Department of Economics (including master's program); Department of Finance (including master's program); Department of Public Policy and Management (including doctorate and master's program); Department of Business Administration(including master's program).

3. College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduate Institute for Social Transformation Studies (master's program); Graduate Institute for Gender Studies (master's program); Department of Social Psychology(including master's program); Department of English(including master's program); Department of Chinese Literature(including master's program); Department of Japanese Language and Literature .

4. School of Law

Graduate Institute for Intellectual Property Rights Program

Department of Law (including master's program)

In order to cultivate a broad worldview and up-to-date skills in students, the University is working hard to develop cooperative arrangements and exchanges with international academic and research institutions. It has already established sister school relationships with more then ten schools in Europe, the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia, and China; academic cooperation and student exchanges with these institutions are ongoing.The wide variety of exciting extracurricular activities that Shih Hsin students throw themselves into is another distinctive feature of the University. Besides seventeen departmental associations, extracurricular student organizations include academic, service-oriented, recreational, and social groups - a total of more than ninety to suit just about any interest.To encourage and help students in pursuing their education, the University provides a number of academic and need-based scholarships for which students can apply.

1. Academic scholarships

Students can apply for a range of nearly two hundred types of grants and scholarships, including those provided by the University itself - such as a scholarship offered to the top scorer on the entrance examination, overseas summer study scholarships, the She-Wo Scholarships honoring the University's founder (awarded to the students with the four top academic records in each class) - as well as those offered by individuals, private organizations and public institutions, for sums ranging from NT$3,000 to NT$150,000.

2. Financial Assistance

In accordance with regulations set forth by the Ministry of Education, the University offers financial assistance for students who need such support. The amount of this assistance covers tuition, textbook purchases, training (lab) fees, pension funds, insurance, dormitory rental, and miscellaneous expenses.

3. Scholarships:

(1) Scholarships for financially constrained students (offering educational grants to children in low-income families).

(2) Emergency grants (providing assistance for families experiencing sudden, unforeseen financial difficulties)

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SHU is near Jingmei station on the Songshan-Xindian line, and is a 10-15-minute walk from Exit 2. SHU Student ID Cards can double up as the MRT’s EASYCARD. You can add value directly onto your SHU Student ID Card at all MRT stations and convenience stores (ex: 7-Eleven).
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Shih Hsin University bus stops (世新大學)
◎Shin-Shin Bus: 251、666、671、915、Br6、Br12、Br22
◎Sin Dian Bus: 647
◎Zhinan Bus: 660、933

To SHU College of Management Building:
Fuxing Police Station bus stops (復興派出所)
◎Shin-Shin Bus: 251、666、671、915、Br6、Br12、Br22
◎Sin Dian Bus: 647
◎Zhinan Bus: 660、933

Examination Yuan bus stops (考試院):
◎Shin-Shin Bus: 251、666、671、915、Br6、Br12
◎Sin Dian Bus: 647
◎Zhinan Bus: 660、933

◎ Please refer to the following website for bus schedules and routes:

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Taxi rides can be expensive if you are traveling a long distance. The basic fare is NT$70 for a regular taxi. An extra fare will be charged from midnight to 6:00 A.M.

1, Lane 17, Sec. 1, Mu-Cha Rd., Taipei,Taiwan, R.O.C.

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Office of International Affairs

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The Office of Public Relations and the Center for International Academic Exchange were merged into the Office of Public Affairs in 2010. The office consists of the Division of International Exchange Programs, Division of Public Relations and Division of Recruitment and Admission, advocating international affairs, public relations, admission affairs, fundraising, and alumni services. After a recent restructuring, the Division of Recruitment and Admission was also added to the in Division of Public Relations. To strengthen the fundraising efforts, the Division of Social Resources was incorporated in 2014.


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Chinese Learning Center Information

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Introduction to the Center:
The Center for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (CTC) was founded in 2014 to provide Chinese language classes to exchange students from Shih Hsin’s international sister schools and other overseas students. The center also offers teaching Chinese as a second language to Shih Hsin graduates as a career path. During summer, the center organizes an intensive eight-week Chinese Summer School. The course is based on the Middlebury College Summer Language Program in Vermont, USA.



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Hit Program Title Field of Study Level Language
star The International Master’s Program of Persuasive Communication Communicatino & Journalism MA 90% ↑ in English

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SHU Foreign Student Scholarship undergraduated Study

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