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The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology was established on August 1, 1974, as the first higher education institution of its kind within our nation’s technical and vocational education system. By extending this system to the highest level, this new school was intended to meet the need created by our rapid economic and industrial development for highly trained engineers and managers. The main campus, located in Taipei at 43 Keelung Rd., Sec. 4, covers an area of about 10 hectares, while the whole campuses cover up to 44.5 hectares. Current enrollment includes 4,966 undergraduates and 4,340 graduate students with 452 full-time faculty.

To date, a total of 56,511 students have graduated from the university’s undergraduate and graduate programs and are employed all over Taiwan. Among these graduates, only a small percentage has pursued study abroad. The overwhelming majority have devoted themselves to the various aspects of our nation’s economic development, to which many of our alumni are making important contributions. Because our graduates combine a solid theoretical foundation, abundant practical experience, and a professional attitude to their work, they are much in demand with both public and private enterprises.


Typical of an urban university campus, NTUST manages to squeeze a lot of facilities and people into a small space. This has the advantage of making everything conveniently available---classrooms and laboratories, dorms and cafeterias, offices and shops, a swimming pool, athletic facilities, and space for student activities are only a few minutes’ walk from wherever you are on campus. And whether during the daytime or at night, you will find many unexpected corners of beauty and views that delight as you go about your campus life. For a detailed layout of the campus, please see the Campus Map:

Please check the webpage of a particular office or department to find its exact location. NTUST’s English homepage can be found at

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For international students, our current residence halls provide accommodation only for students who are single. Married couples and their children must find housing off-campus. The Office of Student Affairs can assist with this. Men and women, undergraduate and graduate students, are housed in separate accommodations. There are usually 5-6 students per room, and international students may request to be housed with local students or other international students. Laundry facilities and air conditioning are provided, with students paying according to the amount of use, and internet service is provided for free. Basic furnishings are provided, but students must purchase their own bedding and other personal items. There are also lounge and study facilities in each dorm, and the dormitory service center is open 24 hours a day. For further information on costs and the relevant regulations, please see

Getting Here

By Bus:

How to Get from the Airport to NTUST:
I:You must be exchange some currency (about US$100 worth) for local NT dollars at the airport. This way you will have local currency to pay for your transportation to NTUST and other expenses during your first few days on campus.
II:The most direct and least expensive transportation is by one of the airport buses run by the Taiwan Bus Corp. After you exit the immigration and customs area, look for signs that say Airport Bus 機場巴士. These signs will bring you to the bus stop area of the terminal, where you can buy tickets for the bus. Buy a ticket for either the Kuokuang line 國光號 or the Chunghsin Line 中興號,which have the fewest stops between the airport and Taipei. There are compartments under the bus which will be open for you to put your luggage in before you get on the bus. Don’t forget to get your luggage when you get off the bus. You can visit the following websitel: or (page 11) for more buses and taxies information.

By Car:

1. Stay on the bus until the last stop, which will be near the Taipei Railway Station(台北車站) or the Sungshan Domestic Airport (松山機場) inside Taipei. (It really is inside the city!) When you get off the bus, the driver should open the compartment to let you take out your luggage. If he doesn’t, show the driver the following words:
Luggage 行李.
2. Once you have gotten of the bus and have picked up your luggage, look for a taxi. Show the driver the address of our school:

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
43 Keelung Road, Section 4,

This should get you safely to the main gate of our university. The guard at the main gate can phone the Office of International Affairs for you:

2730-3201 (before 5 p.m. )
2737-6791 (from 5 to 10 p.m.)

For more information about the Airport Bus, you can check the following website:
After getting to Taipei, MRT, buses or taxies are all available to get to NTUST. You can visit Taipei Bus & Transportation Information System at for more information.

#43,Sec.4,Keelung Rd.,Taipei,106,Taiwan,R.O.C

Research Output

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Academic Information

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech) is one of the 11 top universities in Taiwan which have been awarded special grant funding under the “Aim for the Top University Plan” from the Ministry of Education. Taiwan Tech was formerly known as the National Taiwan Institute of Technology, the first higher education institution of its kind within our nation’s technological education system, seeking to develop highly trained engineers and managers.

Office of International Affairs

Lastest release date: Mar 25, 2014

Taiwan's commerce and industry have long reached around the world, and in recent years, the nation's educational system has been expanding its international horizons in new ways, including welcoming international students to our campuses and sending local students abroad for study. Facilitation this exchange has involved Taiwan's educational institutions in many changes to remove unnecessary obstacles and provide necessary support. We welcome all students on campus, both local and international, to come visit the Office of International Affairs and our website, to make use of the abundant resources that we seek to provide and to make suggestions of new ways for our university to become an integral part of international education. For international students, the Office of International Affairs is the place to come regarding scholarship and visa affairs and orientation for new students, and we are also glad to provide guidance in handling matters related to other offices on campus. In addition, we can provide assistance, including funding, for international student organizations planning activites open to the entire NTUST community.







Office of Academic Affairs, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology


886-2-27301296(Graduate program); 886-2-27376113(undergraduate program)


886-2-27301296(Graduate program); 886-2-27376113(undergraduate program)


Chinese Learning Center Information

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The NTUST Continuing Education Center is committed to the guiding goal of “promoting lifetime learning and achieving academic excellence.” It provides: 1) in-service training, 2) human resource development, 3) community based continuing education, and 4) industry-university cooperative training programs. To meet the challenge of globalization and the world-wide expansion of a knowledge economy, the CEC is working continuously to improve its teaching standards, curriculum, software and hardware facilities, and to expand its course offerings in professional development and knowledge acquisition. The CEC has implemented a vigorous management by objectives and performance assessment system which ensures that it is managed effectively and functions at the highest level.

Also, Continuing Education Center provide Mandarin learning courses for international students. The Mandarin courses are available in differnt levels. Students are able to register according to their Mandarin language ability.
Register period: The first two weeks of each semester



Location & Facilities

Local Attractions

Popular Course

Programs for international students

Lastest release date: Sep 17, 2014

Hit Program Title Field of Study Level Language
star Department of Architecture Landscape Architecture & Architecture PHD 90% ↑ in English
star Department of Business Administration (Master Degree) Management, Commerce (including Accounting) MA Chinese
star Department of Chemical Engineering (Master Degree) Chemical Engineering MA 50% ↆ in English
star Department of Chemical Engineering (Ph.D Degree) Chemical Engineering PHD 50% ↆ in English
star Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering Computer Science PHD 90% ↑ in English
star Department of Construction Engineering (Master Degree) Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture & Architecture MA 50% ↑ in English
star Department of Electrical Engineering (Master Degree) Electrical & Elecronics Egnineering MA 50% ↑ in English
star Department of Electronic Engineering (Master Degree) Electrical & Elecronics Egnineering MA 50% ↑ in English
star Department of Electronic Engineering (Ph.D Degree) Electrical & Elecronics Egnineering PHD 50% ↑ in English
star Department of Industrial Management (Master Degree) Indusrial Engineering & Management MA 90% ↑ in English

Alumni List

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  • Indonesian Student Association

    Country: Indonesia
    Chair Person: Hening Marlistya Citraningrum
    Tel: +886-9364-54243
    Add: 43, Sec. 4, Keelung Rd., NTUST, Domitory III-402
    Other Contact Person: Hening Marlistya Citraningrum
    Other Contact Person E-mail: