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In 1923, just two years before his untimely demise, the Founding Father of the Republic of China (ROC), Dr. Sun Yat-sen, established two universities, one civil and one military. The civil university was Kwangtung University (renamed Chungshan University in 1926), and the military university was Whampoa Military Academy. Both univserties generated remarkable contributions and played an important education role in modern Chinese history.

After Chungshan University (or Sun Yat-sen University) was established in Canton, it had to move south due to the Sino-Japanese War. The university moved first to Yunnan, and later to Yuehpei. Finally, in 1945, the university settled back to its original campus in Canton, and schooling continued.

In 1949, the government of the ROC moved to Taiwan. The National Sun Yet-sen University (NSYSU) was meant to be re-established, but the right timing never came along until 1980, when Dr. Huan Li established the university on its current campus at Hsitzu Bay in Kaohsiung. Succeeding presidents Dr. Chin-chi Chao, Dr. Chi-Yuan Lin, Dr. Victor W. Liu, Dr. Chung-cheng Chang and current president Dr. Hung-Duen Yang, all carry the tradition of nurturing the university's growth and development. When it was established, the university had four departments, two graduate institutes, and 189 students. Today, the university has six colleges (Liberal Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Management, Marine Sciences, and Social Sciences) and over 9300 students, offering 19 undergraduate majors, 34 master programs, and 26 doctorate programs. NSYSU has grown tremendously and recognized as one of Taiwan's important research and learning institution with international distinction.

Blessed with unique historical background, NSYSU enjoys the honor of being a university with outstanding tradition. Infused with the Taiwan Experience after the re-establishment in Kaohsiung, NSYSU is a young and vivacious university with positive outlooks.


Hsitzu Bay

Our campus is situated on beautiful Hsitzu Bay which is one of the most famous scenic spots in Kaohsiung. Hsitzu Bay is a sandy beach and with beautiful coral formations on the coastlines, offering magnificent views of the nature and also a perfect setting for our windsurfing clubs activities.

The Tunnel

The 160-meter long tunnel was built in 1933, when Taiwan was still ruled by the Japanese. It was used as the bomb shelter back then, but now it is a linkage between the community and the university.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Villa/ Hsiwan Art Gallery

The villa was first built in 1937 by the Japanese, renovated in early 1951, covers an area of 8000 square meters. The decoration of the main structure was remained the way it used to be. To make the most use of the villa, the right side of the building has been renovated into an Art Gallery -Hsiwan Art Gallery for exhibitions.

Rear Garden of Sun Yat-sen University – Macaques in Mount. Chai

Our campus is bounded by the Longevity Hill and Mount Chai, where you can find nature treasure and many species of animals. More than 800 Formosan Macaques now live in the mountain. Occasionally these monkeys can be seen on campus, so don’t be surprised if a monkey comes across you next time you visit our campus.


To accommodate the increasing number of foreign and exchange students, a newly remodeled International Village has been established for our international students and short-term visiting scholars. The dormitories feature with 72 rooms (144 beds) , TV, sofa, refrigerator, microwave oven and also washing machine and dryer. In addition, 7-11 convenient store, restaurant, post office, health center, dental clinic, book store and stationer, optical shop, hair salon, and laundry service are located on campus in the student activity center to make our students’ life more convenient and comfortable.

Getting Here

By Bus:

Take the No. 99 or the No. 248 bus from Kaohsiung Train Station and get off at the NSYSU University stop in front of the tunnel.

By Car:

Freeway No.1 → Jhong Jheng (Chung Cheng) Interchange →Jhong Jheng (Chung Cheng) Road → Connect to Da Gong Rd. → Left turn on Ci Sian (Chi Hsien) 3rd Rd. → Right turn on Ling Hai 1st Rd. → Connect to Lian Hai Rd. → National Sun Yat-sen University Campus.

No. 70, Lienhai Rd., Kaohsiung 80424, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Research Output

Lastest release date: Jul 09, 2010



55 3 465 316


93 5 973 841


79 1 930 827


70 1 713 797


632 3 632 590


42 0 642 840

Academic Information

International Ranking

◎NSYSU ranked 3rd in Taiwan, 8th in Asia, and 124th in the world according to the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities in July, 2009.

◎NSYSU ranked in the World’s Top 401-500 University category according to the Times Higher-QS World University Ranking in 2009.

◎The Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) Program at NSYSU has maintained its name in the Financial Times Top 100 Universities ranking for the Third year in a row, and ranked 48th worldwide in 2009. The program is ranked highest in Taiwan for “Salary Increase” and climbed to be ranked highest in Asia in 2009.

◎The College of Management is ranked 48th in the world in the 2009 Financial Times, and is placed highest in “Value for money,” “International mobility,” “Aims Achieved,” and “Career Progress” in Taiwan and highest in Asia in last two categories.

International Accreditation

◎AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business )

2005 College of Management received AACSB accreditation

2009 Re-accredited by AACSB

◎IEET (The Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan)

2005 College of Engineering received Accreditation from IEET (Member of The Washington Accord)

Academic Research Prestige

◎The Marine Biotechnology Division in the “Asia-Pacific Ocean Research Center” is taking a lead in the field of biotechnology by successfully identified several natural marine compounds, derived from wild-type and cultivated soft coral, as therapeutic agents for rheumatoid arthritis and neuropathic pains, as well as pharmaceutical applications to treat Parkinson’s disease, in preclinic models.

◎Business Research Yearbook ranked NSYSU as 5th in the world and 1st in Asia for Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) in 2006.

Ranked 1st in Taiwan, 5th in Asia, and top 50 in the world in the number of papers published in top journals between 2001-2005 in the area of information systems (Association for Information Systems)

◎“Wireless Communication Antenna Research Center” has produced publications in the research field of mobile antennas to be ranked as 1st in the World; publications were cited 3,128 times and the center ranked 1st in the World in Mobile Antennas field according to SCOPUS database between 2000-2010.

◎“The Opto-electronics Center of Excellence & Nanotechnology”conducted research into ultra-wideband optical amplifiers for the 1300~1600 nm used crystalline optical fiber doped with chromium to achieve 300nm ultra-wideband capacity, the highest in the world.

Office of International Affairs

Lastest release date: Jul 05, 2017

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) was established in August 2003 to better facilitate the international academic exchanges and collaborations between NSYSU and institutions around the world.

Forming International Partnership

One of the main goals of the OIA is to establish partnerships with universities abroad. We aim to strengthen NSYSU's academic ties in the United States , Canada , Europe, Australia , New Zealand , Japan , and Southeast Asian countries. We hope to promote the exchange of scholars and students, which will provide NSYSU's faculty and students more opportunities to study abroad and broaden their international vision. By the same token, we hope to invite foreign scholars and students to NSYSU, and hope that their presence here will enhance the internationalization of our campus.

Inviting Foreign Scholars

The OIA provides assistance to our academic units in recruiting or inviting renowned scholars from abroad to join our faculty to either teach or conduct joint research.

Create an International Campus

The staff of the OIA are always ready to assist foreign students and scholars on campus. We hope to create a friendly environment so to make our international friends feel at home in Kaohsiung .


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Division of Overseas Compatriot and International Students Affairs


+886-7-5252000 ext. 2243




Chinese Learning Center Information

Lastest release date: Dec 18, 2012


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The CLC aims to cultivate students' Chinese comprehension abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The center not only provides Chinese language program for foreigners, but also designs special programs to meet the needs of foreigners with advanced Chinese proficiency. All classes at the CLC are conduced in the target lanugate.

Promgram List

NO Class Class Size Hours Tuition


General Course 10-12 people 180 hrs NTD 27,500 USD 821 2010-05-01 *There are four terms in a year.
*The academic year consists of three-month term (1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, and 3rd Quarter and 4th Quarter).


General Course 10-12 people 180 hrs NTD 27,500 USD 821 2010-08-01 *There are four terms in a year.
*The academic year consists of three-month term (1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, and 3rd Quarter and 4th Quarter).


General Course 10-12 people 160 hrs NTD 24,500 USD 731 2010-11-01 *There are four terms in a year.
*The academic year consists of three-month term (1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, and 3rd Quarter and 4th Quarter).


Others: Individual Classes 1 person 20 hrs NTD 105,00 USD 313 2010-08-31 *There are four terms in a year.
*The academic year consists of three-month term (1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, and 3rd Quarter and 4th Quarter).


Others: Individual Classes 1 person 20 hrs NTD 10500 USD 313 2010-08-01 *There are four terms in a year.
*The academic year consists of three-month term (1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, and 3rd Quarter and 4th Quarter).


Hanyu Enrichment Scholarship Progarm:
Sponsor: Ministry of Education
Regulations: Form more information, please visit the Ministry of Education webiste.

Chinese Language Center Scholarship:
Sponsor: Chinese Language Center
Regulations: For more information, please contact with CLC.


Student Dormitory & Housing.

Only students who apply from abroad are eligible to apply for on-campus dormitory. The rent is about NT$15,000 per semester, utlity is not included. Reasonably priced housing is available in the neightborhood of NSYSU. Most apartments for rent come with 3 bedrooms but usually unfurnished. The rent is about NT20,000 per month

Location & Facilities

CLC is located on the 3rd floor of College of Liberal Arts Building. It’s equipped with modernized facility and air-conditioned classrooms. Students attending the Center are privileged to use the language lab, computers as well as audio and video equipment. Students who enroll in the CLC are also entitled to use the library and computer labs of the university. Within a short walk there lies the gymnasium, the Histuwan Beach Recreation Center, and a restaurant facing the wonderful scene of the ocean. The University provides a variety of athletic facilities. There are badminton courts, ping-pong tables, a fitness center and a weight training room in the gymnasium. The athletic field, covering 14.8 acres, contains courts for tennis, basketball, badminton, and volleyball, a baseball diamond, and two swimming pools. A 400-meter track and field stadium is also on site.

Local Attractions

Popular Course

Teaching materials include Practical Audio-Visual Chinese, Far East Everyday Chinese, Taiwan Today, Practical Business Conversation, etc. Different from other language centers, the CLC compiled its own teaching materials.

Programs for international students

Lastest release date: Jun 18, 2015

Hit Program Title Field of Study Level Language
star Institute of China and Asia-Pacific Studies (Master Degree) Regional Studies MA 75% ↑ in English
star International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs Regional Studies MA 90% ↑ in English
star International Master’s Program in Electric Power Engineering Electrical & Elecronics Egnineering MA 90% ↑ in English
star Master of Global Human Resource Management Management MA 90% ↑ in English
star Master's Program in Telecommunication Engineering others MA 90% ↑ in English
Department of Oceanography (Master Degree) Oceanography MA 50% ↆ in English
Department of Oceanography (Ph.D Degree) Oceanography PHD 50% ↑ in English
Department of Applied Mathematics (Bachelor Degree) Mathematics & Statistics BA Chinese
Department of Applied Mathematics (Master Degree) Mathematics & Statistics MA 50% ↆ in English
Department of Applied Mathematics (Ph.D Degree) Mathematics & Statistics PHD 50% ↆ in English

Scholarships List

Lastest release date: Oct 26, 2016

Scholarship Title Background Purpose
NSYSU Scholarship for International Students graduated Research, Study
NSYSU Scholarship for International Students graduated Research, Study
NSYSU Scholarship for International Students undergraduated Research, Study

Alumni List