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Open the gate to the world! Started as an agricultural college in 1919, NCHU has long served as a cradle of Taiwan’s conventional agricultural prowess by providing top notch and innovative agriculturalists throughout its historic growth. Today, NCHU has evolved into a research-oriented university renowned for its agricultural biotechnology, precision engineering, environmental engineering and material science programs, while maintaining its status as a key player in conventional agriculture research. NCHU welcomes students into its 8 colleges, namely, College of Liberal Arts, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Science, Engineering, Life Science, Veterinary Medicine, Management and Law & Politics. NCHU also offers the following programs which are taught in English environment: International Bachelor Program of Agribusiness (IBPA), International Master Program of Agriculture (IMPA), Tricontinental Master Program in Global Studies, International PhD Program in Taiwan and Transcultural Studies, Molecular and Biological Agricultural Science Program (MBAS). NCHU has approximately 900 faculties and 300 administrative staff members. The total student enrollment is more than 17,000, of which over 35% are graduate students. NCHU recruits the best faculty members to create a stimulating environment for learning and research.


Student Activities

Extracurricular activities play an important role in students' lives at a university. There are more than 120 student clubs and societies at NCHU, including clubs involving social service, sports, social science studies, art, music, literature, humanities, philosophy, religion, and language learning. Especially, Office of International Affairs cooperates with the International Pioneer Club (IPC) so often holding a series of activities during academic terms for local and foreign students to join, such as welcome party, Halloween, Christmas party, etc. You also could like them on Facebook (


The school's library, computer service center, language center, art center, athletic and recreational facilities, as well as bookstores provide various services and activities for faculty members and students alike. There are Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) at the Student Activity Center and the Post Office just beside the university. A sports complex comprising of swimming pool, gymnasium (badminton, volleyball, table tennis, etc.), tennis courts, basketball courts, and an all-weather athletic track are available for all NCHU students’ use.

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On campus, there are five dormitory buildings providing accommodation for male students and 4 buildings for female students. Generally, four students share a room. The dormitory provides common toilets, shower room, laundry room, recreational room, etc. In addition to on-campus accommodation, there are many apartments and rental houses close to NCHU. The rent for off-campus accommodation ranges from NT$3000 to 10000 (US$93 to 310) per month depending on housing conditions.

Getting Here

By Bus:

There are many buses plying between the Taiwan Taoyuan (Taipei) International Airport and Taichung City. More information can be obtained from the following website.

The Taichung Railway Station and the Taichung Bus Station are about a 15-minute drive away from NCHU, and the Taiwan High Speed Railway Station is about a 20-minute drive from NCHU. It is convenient to go anywhere in Taichung or other places in Taiwan by taxi, bus or train. There is a bus stop just in front of the main gate of the NCHU campus, which can also take students to the Taichung Railway Station.

Address: 145 Xingda Rd., Taichung City, 402, Taiwan

145 Xingda Rd., Taichung 402, Taiwan

Research Output

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Academic Information

Office of International Affairs

Lastest release date: Jun 27, 2017

The Office of International Affairs was established on August 1, 2006 to serve the growing needs of international students and to collaborate with various foreign universities. Within the OIA there are two divisions: the Division of Academic Exchange and the Division of Foreign Student Affairs. The former is responsible for international student summer programs, signing collaborative agreements with sister universities, hosting foreign scholars and sending our students, faculty and staff overseas for academic exchanges. The Division of Foreign Student Affairs, on the other hand, is in charge of recruiting new foreign students and assisting these international students with university and government policies and procedures, such as orientation to NCHU and adjusting to Taiwanese culture. The OIA is especially helpful in assisting international students with issues such as accommodation, health insurance, medical examinations, part-time work permits, alien registration, consultation, scholarship information and extra-curricular activities.

NCHU has signed agreements with internationally-renowned universities to facilitate both faculty and student exchange programs. Because of these international exchange programs, the university has been able to provide both foreign and local students an opportunity to enrich their study experience through cross-cultural interactions. This, in turn, will widen their perspectives of the global community. With the strong support from the University, we are able to provide memorable activities such as field trips, educational programs and cultural exchange programs for foreign students to experience the rich Taiwanese culture and also expose them to the high standard of tertiary education in Taiwan.


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Chinese Learning Center Information

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886 4 2285 9956



The Chinese Program was established in Spring 2006 and approved by Taiwan's Ministry of Education (MOE) in Fall 2006. The program is available in MOE's "Chinese Language Center" list, an official document for Taiwan's overseas consulates and the local offices of "National Immigration Agency" to consult with when they are issuing visas to students.

The Chinese Program is intended for those interested in learning Chinese language and culture. Managed by NCHU's Language Center, the Program consorts with the policy of academic internationalization promoted by MOE. The program comprises courses of elementary, intermediate, high-intermediate, and advanced levels (see "Courses"). The elementary and intermediate levels focus on the acquisition of daily Chinese, while culture-oriented topics constitute the core of the high-intermediate and advanced courses. The classes are small in size. The instructors are all highly experienced and professionally trained with the teaching certificate.

Promgram List

NO Class Class Size Hours Tuition


General Course 15 people 180 hrs NTD 22,600 USD 675 2010-07-02


General Course 15 people 180 hrs NTD 22,600 USD 675 2010-09-30



It is easy for students to find a dormitory around our school yard.

Location & Facilities

We are located on NCHU campus. There are 8 language drill labs and 6 multimedia classrooms available for language teaching and learning at the Language Center. Standard items such as DVD player, Internet access, projector and screen can be found installed in each lab and classroom.

Local Attractions

Chung Xio Night Market,
Feng Chia Night Market,
Sun Moon Lake

Popular Course

Chinese Culture Class:
1. Majon
2. Calligraphy
3. Chinese Painting
4. Taiwan Movies

Programs for international students

Lastest release date: Oct 28, 2016

Hit Program Title Field of Study Level Language
star Graduate Institute of Technology Management Management, Commerce (including Accounting) PHD 75% ↑ in English
star Graduate Institute of Technology Management Management, Commerce (including Accounting) MA 75% ↑ in English
star International Bachelor Program of Agribusiness (IBPA) Agriculture, Applied Science of Living BA 90% ↑ in English
star International Master Program of Agriculture Agriculture, Applied Science of Living MA 90% ↑ in English
star Molecular and Biological Agricultural Sciences (MBAS) Agriculture, others PHD 90% ↑ in English
star Molecular and Biological Agricultural Sciences (MBAS) Agriculture, others MA 90% ↑ in English
star The International PhD Program in Taiwan and Transcultural Studies Sociology, Regional Studies PHD 90% ↑ in English
Bachelor Program of Biotechnology Applied Science of Living, Medical Biotechnology & Laboratory Science BA 50% ↆ in English
Department of Accounting Management, Commerce (including Accounting) MA 50% ↆ in English
Department of Accounting Management, Commerce (including Accounting) BA 50% ↆ in English

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