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MingDao University(MDU), with the motto of Vision, Passion, and Action, was established in 2001. After ten years of development, this university has gradually transformed into a university-industry liaison system of the organicism, green energy, and health. It has four colleges which are Humanities, Design, Management and Applied Science. Besides, the MDU Chinese Language Center will provide you a excellent program for cultivating your Chinese comprehension abilities.

MDU is located in the center of Taiwan and has very rich agriculture

products ie vegetable, fruit, flower and rice. MingDao University stands

on what was once the sugarcane field 11 years ago. You can easily

reach our University from Highway of Yunlin toll fee collection station.


In this beautiful, organic campus, the total area is 42 hectares. Our

university buildings are well-planned by our founder who designed

buildings along our beautiful lake. In the first year, we planted 10,000

trees, and add every year. MDU is a sustainable energy demonstration

campus, and has truly implemented environmental protection and

energy-conservation. Therefore, you can not only find birds and flower

year around, but 70% green field and fresh air at all campus.

The buildings on this campus were designed for literae humaniores, a

more refined learning. One cultivates the self in order to cultivate the

environment, and vice versa. Our concept is to emphasize the congruity

between the structures of humanity and those of nature. Therefore, many

of the campus buildings are named in honour of famous educators.

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+ Zhiqiang Building: this on-campus dormitory has the best views of the lush local countryside.

+ Mingcheng Building: located in Xizhou county, this off-campus dormitory can accommodate over

1200 students with all the amenities required for students. In particular, the shuttle bus regularly tour

between Mingcheng and the campus.


Getting Here

By Bus:

By coach: Beidou/Peetow Bus Stop→ MingDao University

By rail: Yuanling/Tianchung Train Station → bus transfer → MingDao University

By High Speed Rail:Changhua Station→ bus transfer → MingDao University

By Car:

National Highway→ Beidou/Peetow Interchange → MingDao University
國道一號 National Expressway No.1

By rail: Yuanling/Tianchung Train Station → bus transfer → MingDao University

By High Speed Rail:Changhua Station→ bus transfer → MingDao University

369 Wen-Hua Rd., Peetow, Changhua 52345, Taiwan.

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Academic Information

Office of International Affairs

Lastest release date: Oct 21, 2016

Aiming at strengthening academic exchanges between Taiwan
and overseas universities, the Office of International Affairs (OIA)
has successfully established cooperative agreements with many
universities, which cover the United States, Canada, France, Austria,
Peru, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mongolia,
Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Our Mission and main tasks:
Inviting freign professors and scholars from the partner universities
to deliver speeches and carry out research at MingDao University.
Attending overseas higher education fairs and recruiting new
international students for MingDao University.
Managing and delivering a significant international student
exchange programme.
Building successful mechanism dual degree programme with
overseas partner Institutions.
Promoting international academic collaboration and maintaining
regular contact with partner institutions.


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Office of International Affairs





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