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KUAS Founded in 1963, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences (KUAS) was originally known as the Provincial Kaohsiung Institute of Technology with the aim to educate technical professionals to meet the demands of national economic development. In 2000, the beginning of the new millennium, the Institute evolved to be a four-year technical university and the present name was adopted. This transformation from a junior college to a technological university has opened up a new page for KUAS. After more than a decade of development and expansion, KUAS has now reinvented itself as the leading technological university in southern Taiwan.

Currently, KUAS has four colleges offering top-quality undergraduate and graduate programs, serving more than 13,000 students and 100,000 alumni. The achievements of KUAS in teaching, research, and industry-academia collaboration have been highly recognized by the government. In 2012, KUAS received the grant for the “Plan for Developing Technological University Paradigms” awarded by the Ministry of Education (MOE). In addition, more than 10 research centers have been established on KUAS campus by the MOE and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, engaging in state-of-the-art research in a variety of fields. In recent years, over 500 industry-academia collaboration contracts worth more than NT$300 million have been signed between KUAS and the leading businesses and companies in Taiwan.

To meet the demands of globalized education, KUAS has recently in establishing international ties with institutions around the world. The university has signed MOUs with 123 partnering institutions in 13 countries to develop joint degree programs, student exchange programs and research collaboration. The partnerships are sure to bring new opportunities and enable KUAS to become a truly internationalized university.

Key Areas of Research and Development

Smart electricity and electric vehicles

Green architecture and smart healthcare Green energy and materials

High speed communication networks and smart commerce and services

Smart manufacturing and precision molding

Cultural and creative cities and urban disasters prevention

School Performance

The first university in Southeast Asia to receive the IS09002 certification (1998)

The first university in Taiwan to be awarded the TIPS certification (2008)

The Incubation Center of KUAS was ranked first in the performance evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs for three consecutive years(2011-2013)

KUAS was ranked first in the 2010 Technological University Evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education (2010)

 The first university in Taiwan to offer MBA program for Vietnamese students (2003-2015)


You will have plenty of accommodation choices including on-campus dormitories and off-campus housing at KUAS. Where you live shapes your university experience and becomes an important part of memories that will last a life time.

On-campus dormitories for graduate students are secured by access cards. All rooms are with two beds and the dormitories are equipped with air conditioners, washers, dryers, desks, TVs, shower equipments and drawing rooms. We welcome all international students to apply.

Getting Here

By Bus:

Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences(KUAS) is located in the Sanmin District of Kaohsiung city. The university can be reached by either way as below:
Chien Kung Campus:
MRT : Kaohsiung International airport =>Hou Yi (MRT station Exist 2) => Bus No. 29I (Arrived in back gate school ) or Bus 30I (Arrived in the front gate of school )
Bus : Kaohsiung airport (BUS No. 214)=>Cianjhen Bus Stop Transfer to Bus No. 34 => KUAS (Chien Kung Campus)

By Car:

Route 1: Take Highway 1 and exit at Jiouru Rd. Interchange to downtown → Jiouru Rd. →Dachang Rd.→Jiangong Rd
Route 2: Take Highway 1 and exit at Jhongjheng Rd. Interchange to downtown →Jhongjheng Rd.→Dashun Rd. →Jiangong Rd.
Route 3: Kaohsiung International Airport to downtown→Jhongshan Rd.→Bo-ai Rd.→Tongmeng Rd. →Jiangong Rd.
Route 4: THSR Zuoying Station→ Take Highway 1 and exit at Jiouru Rd. Interchange to downtown→Jiouru Rd.→Dachang Rd.→Jiangong Rd.,120.328252,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x346e04d91d096a91:0x75ce7e7f7c793c56?hl=zh-TW

415 Chien Kung Road, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung 80778, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Research Output

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Academic Information

Office of International Affairs

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*Overseas Learning*
  To enhance foreign language competence and broaden horizons of students, we hold international study camp in summer vacation. We will select well-performed students and award them a great amount of scholarship. The students able to afford their expenses and family of faculties are also accepted. From 2002, the study camp went to California State University (CSU)-Riverside, California State University—San Bernardio, University of South Australia. In 2005, Japanese Camp to International University of Kagoshima was also added.

*International Students Caring*
  To attract international students to study, we offer a large amount of scholarship and fund for tuition and accommodation fee. We also have professional assistant to take care of these students. We will hold Exotic Cultures Festival and some enterprise visit to help students get deeper insight into Taiwanese culture. We also recruit International Student Ambassadors so as to assist international students’ school lives and teach Chinese lessons.

*International Student Ambassador*
In this year, we selected 22 well-performing students as our 10th International Students Ambassador.

The tasks of student ambassador:

• Assist international students’ daily lives and Chinese training
• Hold and participate in Exotic Cultures Festival and holiday banquets.
• Assist international students in orientation.
• Assist international students in enterprise visits.
• Receive foreign guests.


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Office of International Affair - Student Section


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Chinese Learning Center Information




Promgram List

NO Class Class Size Hours Tuition


Department of Electronics and Information Management 60 3 2014-09-26 *Course Name: Chinese Training
*Text Book: 遠東生活華語 Far East Everyday Chinese
*Author of the Text Book: 余伯泉 B.C., Yu
*Publisher of the Text Book: 藍天華語股份有限公司 Sky Mandarin Ltd
*Course code: 2380
*Professor: Pei-fen, Li
*Classroom: East 101
*Class Schedule: 09:00-12:00, on Fridays

*Teaching objectives:
The course is designed to help international students increase their Chinese learning, focusing on the Pinyin system or Zhuyin, intonation, basic communication skills, simple Mandarin characters and sentence patterns. Classes are mainly comprised of listening and speaking.Additionally, students will learn about Taiwan culture acquisition through interactive activities.

Everyday Language and Pronunciation Lesson 1: How Much? Lesson 2: Shopping Lesson 3: Payment Lesson 4: Making Phone Calls and Appointments



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Popular Course

Programs for international students

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Hit Program Title Field of Study Level Language
star Graduate Institue of department of Electronic and Information Management Electrical & Elecronics Egnineering MA 90% ↑ in English
star Graduate Institue of Electronic and Information Management Electrical & Elecronics Egnineering MA 90% ↑ in English
star Graduate Institute of Management Management, Commerce (including Accounting) MA 90% ↑ in English

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