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I-Shou University (ISU) is situated in the Guanyin Mountain area of northeastern Kaohsiung (southern part of Taiwan). ISU was founded by Mr. I-Shou Lin to commemorate his mother as well as to benefit the villages and towns where he started his business. ISU started to recruit students in 1990. With its continuous development, the University currently has 8 colleges, 41 departments, 18 master’s programs, and 7 doctoral programs in 2013. ISU has some 18,000 students and 563 full-time faculty members, 87% of whom possess a doctoral degree, making it a young and promising institution of higher education with great potential.


ISU has two campuses; the main campus and the Yanchao medical campus. The main campus is situated in Dashu Township, it holds majority of the colleges and departments in ISU. The campus has lots of grass areas and trees to make the environment more comfortable for students to study. Furthermore, there are three types of dormitory in the main campus, each dorm rooms differ in size. Students can choose from 2 people shared rooms to 4 people shared rooms. As for eating and drinking, students can choose from a range of different types of restaurants and cafes to eat, plus there are two Family Mart convenient stores within the campus. What's more, E-Da World will open soon, it will attracts all kinds of business, thus creates more entertainments for the students.

The Yanchao medical campus holds all the departments related to the college of medicine. There is the E-Da Hospital, the academic buildings and the dormitory. E-Da Hospital provides excellent healthcare for people in the greater Kaohsiung area; it has the latest technology in various medical fields. The student accommodation in Yanchao campus is limited to just one dormitory. However, students can also rent the hospital dormitory, but the rooms cost a bit more than the ones on campus. Some of the students either rent houses in Yanchao or Dashe area. There are two 7 elevens in Yanchao campus, one in the academic campus and the other one in the hospital.

There are regular school buses going from Yanchao to the main campus everyday. It is convenient for students travelling to or visiting each campus.

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Students may choose from Dormitories 1-3, I-Shou University International House and Yanchao Campus Dormitory to fulfill their residential needs. Dormitory fees range from NT$12,400~42,000 per semester depending on room amenities. Each dorm has a common room, laundry room, reading room and the recreation facilities to provide residents with various leisure facilities. Each dorm room is equipped with a telephone line, academic network access, air-conditioning and other modern conveniences.

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Getting Here

By Bus:

Driving Route: (Please take the E-Da bus at the bus stops of Kaohsiung Transportation)
1. #8501 Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) Zuoying Station ←→ ISU Main Campus
2. #8502 Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts ←→ ISU Main Campus
3. #8503 Kaohsiung City Government ←→ ISU Main Campus
4. #8504 Fongshan ←→ ISU Main Campus
5. #8505 Wujia ←→ ISU Main Campus
6. #8506 Gangshan ←→ ISU Main Campus
7. #96 E-Da Hospital (ISU Yanchao Campus) ←→ ISU Main Campus
8. #Red52 E-Da Hospital (ISU Yanchao Campus) ←→ THSR Zuoying Station
9. #261 E-Da Hospital (ISU Yanchao Campus) ←→Cishan
*Some of the buses above may not directly reach main campus of ISU, but they arrive at E-Da World and only 5 minutes walk to ISU main campus. Please check the schedule at Kaohsiung City Bus Official website: or Kaohsiung City Bus Voice Query: 886-(0)7-749-7100

School Bus Route:
FE21' MegA Station ←→ Kaohsiung Train Station ←→ MRT Cingpu Station ←→ Nanzih Station ←→ Main Campus (ISU)
*Please check the schedule at

By Car:

From Zuoying High Speed Rail Station, go on to Route 10 and follow it to Cishan direction, then exit Ren-Wu Interchange. Then keep going a little bit and turn right to Shuiguan Rd., then turn left to E-Da 2Rd., keep going to the end then turn right to Syuecheng Rd., keep going a little further you will see the university entrance on the right.

Main Campus: Yanchao Campus:

No.1, Sec. 1, Syuecheng Rd., Dashu Dist., Kaohsiung City 840, R.O.C.

Research Output

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Academic Information

Office of International Affairs

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The Office of International Affairs manages all the international related issues within ISU campus; it also advances the cooperation between ISU and oversea universities or other academic research facilities. In addition, the office is in charge of foreign exchange academics and foreign exchange students. Moreover, it enhances the cooperation of Mainland Chinese academics and Chinese students. Furthermore, it handles Oversea Chinese students' affairs. The office is divided into two subdivisions: International Cooperation Division and International Students Affairs Division.


+886 7 657-7711 ext.2082~2086(international cooperation), ext.2093~2096(international student affairs)


+886 7 657-7472



Admissions Section


886-7-6577711 ext. 2133



Chinese Learning Center Information

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+886-7-6577711 ext. 2603





To meet the increasing demand of Chinese language learning all over the world, the Chinese Language Center offers a wide range courses to assist international students to improve their Chinese.
Reasons to Choose ISU:
1.Quality programs
2.Small classes
3.Friendly and experienced staffs
4.Favorable environment
5.Pathway to I-Shou University

Promgram List

NO Class Class Size Hours Tuition


Chinese Seasonal Courses-Fall 10-15 people 15 hours per week, 180 hours in total One session NTD32,000, three sessions NTD90,000 One session USD1,100, three sessions USD3,000 2014-08-01


Chinese Seasonal Courses-Spring 10-20 people 15 hours per week, 180 hours in total One session NTD32,000, three sessions NTD90,000 One session USD1,100, three sessions USD3,000 2014-02-01


Chinese Seasonal Courses-Summer 10-20 people 15 hours per week, 180 hours in total One session NTD32,000; three sessions NTD90,000 One session USD1,100; three sessions USD3,000 2014-05-01 Inclouding teaching materials, accommodation, airport pick-up, etc.

Please check out more details on Language Center website




Students live in 2-4 person bedrooms. The dorm has a common room, laundry room, reading room and recreation facilities. Each room is equipped with academic network access, air-conditioner and other conveniences.

Location & Facilities

ISU is located at the north-east side, the suburb area, of Kaohsiung City. CLC has the high quality teaching facilities such as electronic lecterns, group discussion rooms and the wireless internet access across the entire campus.

Local Attractions

1.Guanyin Mountain, where I-Shou University is located, has scenic views and lush landscape.
2.E-Da shopping mall, the biggest shopping mall in Taiwan, combines shopping, leisure, entertainment, culture, and food experiences.
3.The first Aegean E-DA theme park is based on three major sections such as Greek temple, Aegean Sea village and Trojan castle.(

Popular Course

1.Session Courses:
180 hours in total. Classes will be divided according to students’ Chinese proficiency level.
2.Chinese Camp:
2-8 weeks customized courses. Intensive Chinese learning focuses on daily-life application and communication. The framework

Programs for international students

Lastest release date: Apr 09, 2014

Hit Program Title Field of Study Level Language
star Department of International Business Administration (IBA) Management BA 90% ↑ in English
star Department of International Finance (IF) Management BA 90% ↑ in English
star Department of International Tourism and Hospitality (ITH) Leisure Studies BA 90% ↑ in English
star International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) Management MA 90% ↑ in English
Chinese Season Course Short-term 90% ↑ in English
Department of Applied English Foreign Lanugages & Literatures MA 90% ↑ in English
Department of Entertainment Management (EM) Management BA 90% ↑ in English

Scholarships List

Lastest release date: Apr 09, 2014

Scholarship Title Background Purpose
Scholarship for International Students (Master) graduated Study
Scholarships for International Students (BA) undergraduated Study

Alumni List