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Hsuan Chuang University was founded in 1997 in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, originally as "Hsuan Chuang College of Humanities and Social Sciences." It was founded by the Ven. Liao Zhong (了中), and named for the Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang.

In the first year of establishment, five academic departments (Foreign Languages, Law, Mass Communication, Social Welfare, and Information Management) and one graduate institute (Religion) began to enroll students. Approved by the Ministry of Education in 2004 for its outstanding academic performance, Hsuan Chuang College of Humanities and Social Sciences moved to the next challenging stage, and officially became “Hsuan Chuang University."

Hsuan Chuang University is located in Hsinchu City in the Northern part of Taiwan. The campus of the school rests on a mountainside by a river and offers an ideal setting for study and extracurricular activities. The geographical advantage of the school provides Hsuan Chuang University with great opportunities for commuting to Taipei and other cities.

Although founded by Buddhists, Hsuan Chuang University is broadly indistinguishable from other private universities in Taiwan. There are no religious requirements in here. Students can enjoy the freedom of religious belief, various foods, and embracing integration of knowledge-action. Hsuan Chuang University has won the Teaching Excellence Project Funds from Ministry of Education for years. We focus on the teaching excellence, raising distinguished students, and continuously developing innovative education.

The scope of the University has gradually expanded in the following years, both academic programs and facilities, such as a state-of-art virtual studio and Hsuan Chuang Television Station. In the summer of 2005, Hsuan Chuang University won approval as one of the best in the newly established private universities in the National Academic Evaluation. The University’s outstanding performance in education was again recognized by the Ministry of Education, since awarded the Grant for Promoting University Academic Excellence in 2006.

Currently, the university has 4 colleges comprising 14 departments and 9 Master's degree programs. The four colleges are the College of Communication, the College of Design, the College of Social Science and the College of International Hospitality and Management.

1. College of Communication

(1)Mass Communication (BA/MA)

(2)Broadcasting and Journalism (BA)

(3)Performing and Media Arts (BA)

2. College of Design

(1)Visual Communication Design (BA/MA)

(2)Art of Creative Design (BA)

(3)Fashion Design (BA)

3. College of Social Science

(1)Social Work (BA/MA)

(2)Applied Psychology (BA/MA)

(3)Law (BA/MA)

(4)Region and Culture (BA/MA)

4. College of International Hospitality and Management

(1)Business Administration (BA/MA)

(2)Information Management (BA/MA)

(3)Applied Foreign Languages (BA/MA)

(4)Hospitality Management (BA)

The school has been an instruction-based university, pursuing optimization and internationalization all the time. In particular, we have gradually established a combination of learning and practice for students, and enhanced teaching quality persistently and steadily. We sincerely welcome overseas students to study at our school. For any further details about admission, please feel free to contact us directly or visit our web at


Hsuan Chuang University is located in Hsinchu, a city with high technology science park, which is dubbed the Silicon valley of Taiwan. The school provides a number of dormitories for students. Internet connection and campus phone are equipped in each room of the dormitory. A cafeteria, coffee bar, as well as convenient store provide service on campus. Students can stay in the library for the comfortable study environment. A number of sport facilities are also provided, such as basketball courts, volleyball courts, a baseball field and gymnasium.

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The approximate accommodation fee is 12,500 NTD a year. Accommodation fee covers internet, air conditioning, water and electricity and other expenses.

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Getting Here

By Bus:

1.Kuo-Kuang Bus: HCU-Taipei, HCU-Taichung, HCU-Banqiao
2.How-Tai Bus: HCU–Taipei
3.For more update schedule of highway bus, please visit

By Car:

I. Via National Freeway No. 1

Route 1 (From Jiadong Interchange to Hsuan Chuang University)
Time: Approximately 15 minutes
1.Travel south on National Freeway No. 1 (Sun Yat Sen Freeway)
2.Merge onto southbound National Freeway No.3 at 99Km. (Traveling north, at 100Km.)
3.Exit at Hsinchu (Jiadong) Interchange at 103Km
4.Proceed toward Hsiang Shan
5.Go past Chung Hua University
6.Turn right onto Section 2 Wu Fu Road
7.Turn right onto Hsuan Chuang Road

Route 2 (From Hsinchu Interchange to Hsuan Chuang University)
Time: Approximately 30 minutes
1.Travel south on National Freeway No. 1 (Sun Yat Sen Freeway)
2.Exit at Hsinchu Interchange at 95 Km (A)

II.For more update schedule of highway bus, please visit,120.9401348,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x34684a89ca542dd9:0x838cd43091888827!8m2!3d24.7745463!4d120.9423235?hl=zh-TW

NO.48, Hsuan Chuang Rd., Hsinchu City, Taiwan, R.O.C

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Academic Information

Office of International Affairs

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I. Hsuan Chuang University accepts foreign students by individual application or by application from a sister school that has developed a Dual Degree Program with Hsuan Chuang University.

II. Admission procedures:
First download the form "Application for Admission of International Students" (外國學生入學申請表), attach the transcript and fill out the form, and finally send the completed form to the Hsuan Chuang University Admission Office (No.48, Xuanzhuang Rd., Xiangshan Dist., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan (R.O.C.)). Once your application is approved, you will be asked to offer the official documents before May 1st. You will in turn accept the admission notice in June. Please download the application form below:










Chinese Learning Center Information

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886-3-530-2255 # 5261、5262






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Popular Course

Programs for international students

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Hit Program Title Field of Study Level Language
Applied Foreign Languages Foreign Lanugages & Literatures BA 50% ↑ in English
Applied Psychology Psychology BA 50% ↆ in English
Art of Creative Design Design BA Chinese
Broadcasting and Journalism Communicatino & Journalism BA 50% ↆ in English
Business Administration Management, Commerce (including Accounting) BA 50% ↆ in English
Fashion Design Design BA 50% ↆ in English
Hospitality Management Leisure Studies BA Chinese
Information Management Management, Library & Information Science BA 50% ↆ in English
Law Law BA Chinese
Mass Communication Communicatino & Journalism BA 50% ↆ in English

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