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Our school was established in April 1987 as the Chang Gung Medical College, and at that time had a mission of training outstanding medical personnel. To meet the needs of the country's economic development, we later added departments and graduate schools of engineering and management, enabling us to broaden our instructional resources and turn out talented workers in medicine, engineering, and management. Our engineering and management have accepted students since 1993, at which time the Ministry of Education permitted us to change our name to “Chang Gung College of Medicine and Technology.” After adding more departments in the subsequent years, the Ministry of Education formally approved our upgrading and name change to “Chang Gung University” in July 1997.

The University currently consists of the College of Medicine, College of Engineering, and College of Management; under which are the undergraduate programs that include Departments of Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nursing, Medical Biotechnology and Laboratory Science, Medical Imaging and Radiological Science, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Respiratory Care, Biomedical Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical and Materials Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Information Engineering, Health Care Management, Business Administration, Industrial Design and Information Management.

The graduate institutes include Nursing Sciences (Master), Biomedical Sciences (Master/Ph.D.), Clinical Medical Sciences (Master/Ph.D.), Traditional Chinese Medicine (Master), Medical Biotechnology (Master), Rehabilitation Science (Master), Clinical Behavioral Science (Master), Dental and Craniofacial Science (Master), Early Intervention (Master), Electrical Engineering (M.S., Ph.D.), Mechanical Engineering (Master/Ph.D.), Chemical and Materials Engineering (Master/Ph.D.), Electronic Engineering (Master/Ph.D.), Computer Science and Information Engineering (Master), Electro-Optical Engineering (Master), Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering (Master), Medical Mechatronics Science (Master), Health Care Management (Master), Information Management (Master), Business Administration (Master/Ph.D.), and Industrial Design (Master). The University currently has approximately 642 full-time and 633 part-time faculty members, and has more than 7,200 students enrolled.

We have been striving for excellence in both instruction and research area since the establishment of our institution. While we have been continuously hiring outstanding scholars and experts to join our faculty community, our faculty members have played active roles in national-level research projects sponsored by the National Science Council, National Institute of Health, and other organizations. And in order to educate and shape our students to be “diligent, perseverant, frugal, and trustworthy” and well-versed in both theory and practice, we have instituted an extracurricular practicum system and been working closely with Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, the Formosa Plastics Group, and other institutions to conduct work-study programs.

The developmental goal of our university is to turn from a teaching oriented university to research oriented. We will continue to improve the quality of the teaching staff, equipments, and instruction, as well as to let students to have more opportunities of engaging in humanity studies. In taking advantage of Formosa Plastics Group's abundant manufacturing and medical service resources, Chang Gung University aims to be a first-rate internationally renowned university that prepares high standard professional talents in the fields of medical science, high technology, and knowledge management.


The University's campus covers an area of 37.13 hectares; major structures include the Medical Science Building, Engineering Building, Third Teaching Building, Second Medical Science Building, student dormitories, Student Activity Center, and Library. These buildings provide a total of 354,849 square meters of floor space. There is thus approximately 60.6 square meters of campus space and 57.9 square meters indoor space per student.

The campus facilities are divided into three functional areas: teaching and research, recreation, and residential areas. The teaching-research area consists of classrooms, discussion rooms, laboratories, offices, and the library. Roomy, well-equipped spaces make this area a superb environment for research and teaching. Residential areas, which include dormitories and recreational areas for faculty and students, are reasonably-priced and provide an excellent study environment. The fully-equipped student dormitories are capable of meeting all students' residential needs. In addition, our school also provides a full range of facilities for sports and extracurricular activities, including student association activity rooms, indoor space for cultural activities and leisure, and outdoor sports areas. As far as landscaped campus areas are concerned, the University currently has approximately 29 hectares of green lawns, and recreational facilities such as landscaped scenery and footpaths are planned. The campus is thus completely able to satisfy the living and recreational needs of students, faculty and staff.

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259 Wen-Hwa 1st Road, Kwei-Shan Tao-Yuan,Taiwan,333, R.O.C.

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Academic Information

1. The Ministry of Education launched the “Top University Project” in 2005 to support top-performing domestic universities to develop into international educational and research powerhouses. Under this project, the Ministry of Education sponsors 12 scholarly excellent universities with 50 billion dollars over 5 years. Chang Gung University is the only private university that was selected in both the 1st stage and the 2nd stage of this project.

2. Chang Gung University was ranked 402nd in the 2011 Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic Ranking of World Universities (a.k.a. ARWU). Its ranking has been rising steadily in the world’s top-performing university report, and has made its 4th appearance in the top 500 chart. Closely following National Taiwan University, National Cheng Kung University, National Jiao Tong University, National Tsing Hua University, CGU is still the only private university in Taiwan which has ever made into the top 500 chart.

3. Chang Gung University stands out remarkably well in every year’s university evaluation held by the Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT). According to the latest report, Chang Gung University successfully passed all the five evaluation categories, including University Self-positioning, Administration & Management, Teaching & Learning Resources, Performance & Social Responsibility, and Continual Improvement & Quality Guarantee Mechanism. In addition, we also make impressive achievements every year in the private university development project assessed by the Ministry of Education. Take 2011 for example, Chang Gung University outperformed the other domestic private universities and received the largest grants from the Ministry of Education.

Office of International Affairs

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Center for International Academic Cooperation (IAC), originally named International Cooperation Center, was established in 2001.
With the recognition of internationalization and glocolization, Chang Gung University (CGU) is striving to establish academic ties with prestigious universities all over the world. In order to reach the goal, IAC takes on an active role in exploring potential academic cooperation for students and faculty. We assist the departments of the university to arrange academic exchange programs, sister universities, visiting scholars or staff, international visitors, joint conferences and co-researches. Our primary duty is to prepare our students, staff, and faculty well for a new era of global village.







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Programs for international students

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Hit Program Title Field of Study Level Language
star Department of Behavioral Science, Division of Clinical Behavior and Occupational Therapy Psychology MA 75% ↑ in English
star Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering (Master Degree) Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Enginerring MA 75% ↑ in English
star Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering Computer Science MA 90% ↑ in English
star Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (PhD Degree) Computer Science PHD 90% ↑ in English
star Department of Electrical Engineering (Master Degree) Electrical & Elecronics Egnineering MA 90% ↑ in English
star Department of Electrical Engineering (PhD Degree) Electrical & Elecronics Egnineering PHD 90% ↑ in English
star Department of Electronic Engineering (Master Degree) Electrical & Elecronics Egnineering MA 90% ↑ in English
star Department of Electronic Engineering (PhD Degree) Electrical & Elecronics Egnineering PHD 90% ↑ in English
star Department of Health Care Management (Bachelor degree) Management BA Chinese
star Department of Industrial & Business Management Management BA Chinese

Scholarships List

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Scholarship Title Background Purpose
CGU General Scholarship Guideline for International Students graduated, undergraduated Research, Study
CGU Graduate Merit Scholarship Program-Master Program graduated Research, Study
CGU Graduate Merit Scholarship Program-Phd graduated Research, Study
International Student Financial Aids-Master Program graduated Research, Study
International Student Financial Aids-PhD Program graduated Research, Study

Alumni List

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