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With the advent of the new era, the developmental trend is toward international trade freedom, regional economic integration, and overall technological competition. To conform to such a trend and add to competitive power, all countries in the world devote their efforts to promoting the knowledge economy and establishing knowledge creativeness. Taiwan is also at this critical point of upward movement.

As a medical professional and scholar, Dr. Chang-hai Tsai, our founder, believes that education is the basis of a country’s future and by establishing this university, Dr. Tsai hopes that he may contribute more to his homeland. Therefore, he and the other founder, Mr. Tseng-lien Lin, as well as all the other trustees, endowed funds to found an internationalized higher education institute which possesses vision, uniqueness, and excellence. Their goal is to cultivate professionals in the fields of Health Science, Computer Science, Management, and Arts and Sciences. These professionals will expand the horizon of our national development.

In 1998, the trustees started to search for a suitable location for the university. After much research and surveys, they decided on the site in Wufeng, Taichung county. Wufeng is where the provincial council used to hold its meetings. It is on a convenient location, with beautiful scenery, and rich in cultural atmosphere, which are ideal for schools. In August of 1999, the board of trustees acquired the lands released by Taiwan Sugar Corporation to build the university. In October of 1999, the preparatory office of Taichung Healthcare and Management University officially begin operations. In March of 2001, the Ministry of Education approved the university’s legal status. After four years hard work and efforts, Taichung Healthcare and Management University has been renamed as Asia University since August


Getting involved in campus life is the quickest way to become a part of the university community. Currently, more than 40% of students live in the dormitories, which offer students a supportive and enriching environment full of opportunities for personal growth. Plenty of apartments for rent are available as well in the vicinity of campus. A vast range of cultural, educational, athletic and social activities are provided to all students, faculty and staff.

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There are four on-campus dormitories, and each room in the dormitory is equipped with four beds, a bathroom, a toilet, central air-conditioning, and Internet access. Coin-operated washing machines, dryers, hot/cold water machines and other amenities are also available in each dormitory. Moreover, vending machines containing snacks and beverages are located throughout the campus and in dormitory lobbies. In addition, the third dormitory provides treadmills for students to exercise. The gymnasium and stadium are also nearby in which more exercise facilities are available.

Students are allowed to bring personal equipments like desktop/laptop computers, hair dryers, etc. Some items are not allowed in dormitories, like electric ovens, electric bottles, electric spoons, heaters, microwave ovens, televisions, refrigerators, etc. Drugs, guns, and other dangerous equipment, and smoking and noise are definitely prohibited. So we need you to bring an enthusiastic attitude towards campus life.

Freshmen are expected to live on campus, except those residing in Wufeng or Dali areas, or having special reasons for not living on campus. Students may choose to seek off-campus housing after their first year of study at Asia University, or apply to live on campus after gaining permission from the dormitory committee. International students are guaranteed a slot in the university dormitories. To encourage cultural interaction, an international student is usually assigned to the room with three local students. Dormitory fee for each student is approximately NT$25,000 per academic year, excluding summer and winter breaks.

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Getting Here

By Bus:

After arrival at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TTIA), international students may take either bus or Taiwan High Speed Rail to head for Asia University.

Take bus to Taichung Railway Station at the Arrival Passenger Reception Areas of Terminal I or II at TTIA. In general, it costs around NT$200 and takes about 1.5 hours. After arrival at Taichung Railway Station, go across the street to the bus station and take Taichung Bus #100 to Asia University, which is the final stop. The bus fare is NT$38 (no change), and it takes about 40 minutes.

It takes about 20 minutes and costs NT$20 to take U-Bus from TTIA to Taoyuan Station of Taiwan High Speed Rail. The fare from Taoyuan to Taichung Station is around NT$350~540, and the trip is about 38 minutes. Once you arrive at Taichung Station, please follow the instruction to take the Diesel Rail Car (DRC) to Taichung Railway Station, and the fare is NT$15. As mentioned above, finally, you need to take Taichung Bus #100 to Asia University.

Alternatively, the Puli Bus Co. provides a safe, clean and affordable way for people to commute between Asia University and Taichung City, which is the third largest city in Taiwan and is located around 15 km away from the campus. The bus fare is NT$50 for one trip. You may take the shuttle bus in front of the first dormitory.

By Car:

1.From Highway 1:
From “Nantun/ Chungkang/ Chungching” interchange, head towards Taichung city center, stay on “Wu-Chuan West Road/ Chung-Kang Road/ Da-Ya Road”, turn right on Wu-Chuan Road connected to Wu-Chan South Road and get onto Expressway 63, exit at Ding-Tai Exit (9.5 Km), turn left at the first traffic sign, connect to Fuhsin Road, head towards Wufeng Township, once you get on Liufeng Road, turn right and you will find us.

2.From Highway 3:
Exit at Wufeng interchange (211 Km), turn right on State Road 3, go straight till you meet Liufeng Road, turn right and you will find us. Alternative: Exit at Wufeng interchange, turn left onto Linshen Road, drive till you arrive at Fuhsin Road, turn left and once you find Liufeng Road, turn left and you will find us.

3.From Expressway 63
Exit at Ding-Tai Exit (9.5 Km), turn left/right at the first traffic sign, head on to Fushin Road towards Wufeng Township, turn right when seeing Liufeng Road, and you will find us.

4.From Expressway 74
Exit at Kuai-Guan Interchange (200 Km), connect to Highway 3 towards Wufeng, exit at Wufeng interchange (211 Km), and then follow the direction in No. 2 above.

5. From State Road 3:
Head towards Dali/Wufeng/Tsaotun, once you reach Linshen Road in Wufeng Township, turn right on Fuhsin Road, and turn left on Liufeng Road, and you will find us.

500, Lioufeng Rd., Wufeng, Taichung 41354, Taiwan

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Academic Information

1. Being promoted to the university level in 2005 with a speed record: Owing to excellency in education achievements, this school, originally a college, was promoted by the Ministry of Education to be the university level named "Asia University" with a new record of speed in Taiwan (taking only 4 years).


2. Being evaluated to be the best new university in 2005: In the 2005 evaluation of all universities by the Ministry of Education, Asia University was ranked No. 1 in the third group of universities, with 6 items of achievements recognized as excellent (science, engineering, internationalization, extension education, student affairs, & administrative supports).


3. Being granted an honored project of university teaching excellency: With outstanding teaching achievements, Asia University was granted by the Ministry of Education a "projection of university teaching excellency," which is a great honor because no other newly-established university has obtained such a project.


4. Being approved to establish three Ph. D. degree programs by the Ministry of Education: With the strong faculty and well-organized curricula, Asia University has been approved to establish three Ph. D. degree programs (Computer Science, Healthcare Administration, and Bioinformatics) by the Ministry of Education in five years. This is a great honor and a new record for newly-established universities.


5. Outstanding professors gathering together like a miracle: With the enhancement of the university's reputation, many outstanding professors join Asia University quickly like a miracle. So far, there are fifty-two full professors in 2007, and this is another record for newly-established universities in Taiwan.


6. Strong faculty with leading expertise: With no more lecturer appointed, the quality of the university faculty is highly improved in the recent two years. More than 80% of the faculty members are now assistant professors or higher, rivaling the faculty qualities of many national universities in Taiwan.


7. Incomparable elegant and artistic campus: Asia University continuously constructs buildings with elegant Greek or Romanian styles. There are three lily ponds and various plants in the campus, forming a garden university with cherry blossoms in Spring, lily flowers in Summer, Hong Kong orchids in Autumn, and full-blown roses in Winter.

Office of International Affairs

Lastest release date: May 03, 2017

Welcome to Asia University, a new university founded in 2001 in central Taiwan. After being ranked as the top one in the category of newly established universities in 2005 formal evaluation and accreditation of all universities in Taiwan, it has been recognized as one of the Teaching Excellence Universities by the Ministry of Education in 2006, and granted a large-scale project for its enhancement of teaching quality. We currently have an enrollment of more than 10,000 students with a teaching faculty of 350 in five colleges: Health Science, Computer Science, Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Creative Design.

Asia University endeavors to forge relationships with universities around the world since its establishment. We collaborate with a range of world class partner institutions offering student exchange and a range of other academic activities. We are proud of our comprehensive international involvement and welcome opportunities to collaborate with other universities around the world. The Center for International Academic Exchange (CIAE) can help coordinate negotiations to establish student exchange programs, Memoranda of Understanding and other partnership agreements.

Moreover, the CIAE is the designated office on campus to provide special assistance, advising and programming for international students at Asia University. The CIAE website provides information on the issues that international students and scholars commonly encounter. We invite you to visit our website frequently for updates on government regulations and for information on programs or events designed to support the international community at Asia University. It is our privilege to assist you during the period of your stay on campus. We invite you to contact the office at any time we can be of assistance to you.







Center for International Academic Exchange






Chinese Learning Center Information

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Programs for international students

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Hit Program Title Field of Study Level Language
star Master of Business Administration Economics, Management MA 90% ↑ in English
star MS Program in Department of Biotechnology Genetics、Biochemistry、Microbiology & Immunology, Life science & Biology MA 90% ↑ in English
star MS Program in Department of Health Care Administration Management, Public Health MA 90% ↑ in English
star MS Program in Department of Psychology Psychology MA 90% ↑ in English
star MS/PhD Program in Department of Biomedical Informatics Genetics、Biochemistry、Microbiology & Immunology MA 90% ↑ in English
star MS/PhD Program in Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering Computer Science MA 90% ↑ in English
star PhD Program in Department of Business Administration Economics, Management PHD 90% ↑ in English
star Undergraduate Program of International Finance and Management Management, Commerce (including Accounting) BA 90% ↑ in English
Department of Accounting and Information Systems (Bachelor Degree) Commerce (including Accounting) BA Chinese
Department of Accounting and Information Systems (Master Degree) Commerce (including Accounting) MA Chinese

Scholarships List

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Scholarship Title Background Purpose
Full Scholarship BA undergraduated Study
Full Scholarship MA graduated Research
Full Scholarship PHD graduated Research, Study
Tuition Waiver Scholarship-BA undergraduated Study
Tuition Waiver Scholarship-MA graduated Research, Study

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