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Providence University

Providence University

Experiencing Taiwan 2013, International Summer Program

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Graduate / Undergraduate
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Above 90% taught in English

Experiencing Taiwan 2013, International Summer Program at Providence University, aims at offering an exciting but educational short term travel and study program for international students. Students who participate in this 6-week program will have 54 hours of solid and practical training in Mandarin language, 9 hours of professional anagement lectures plus 3 visits to enterprises of Taiwan’s core industries, as well as a wide range of cultural practices such as Martial Arts, dough figure making, traditional Chinese ink painting, Chinese tea making and more. There are also two optional weekend trips to explore the essence of Hakka culture and an adventure to a Taiwanese aboriginal tribe.
In addition, each student will have a learning partner who will accompany him or her to further explore Taiwan or to have fun. The interaction with learning partners is also an efficient way to improve Mandarin skills. Providence University is an accredited and outstanding school of higher education. With this specially designed summer
program, we believe students will have an unforgettable summer by means of cultural learning, intensive language
training, and friend-making, and thus make a bridge to the world. We are looking forward to a wide range of students attending our international summer program from all over the world.


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