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National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Graduate Institute of Automation and Control

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MS / PhD
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Above 90% taught in English
Fall / Spring

There are currently over 100 graduate students enrolled in GIAC for his/her master’s and doctoral degrees. GIAC, not only for local students, also accepts the application from international students to study in the perspective fields. Main areas of research include modern control theory, intelligent control, sensing, robotics, machine vision, image processing, automated optical inspection, opto-mechatronics, and green energy.

Innovative projects in these fields run across the institute’s faculty and students using the latest facilities in 11 research Labs including the Control System Simulation Lab, Automated Sensing and Control Lab, Opto-Mechatronics Lab, Intelligent Control & Optical Inspection Lab, System Dynamics & Control Lab, Intelligent Systems & Multimedia Application Lab, Advanced Optical System Lab, Chaotic System & Signal Processing Lab, CAD/CAM Lab, Integrated Automation & Control System Lab, and Optical Nano-Micro Sensor Lab.

The cooperation between the industry and GIAC, or the international academic institutes and GIAC is proceeding and enriches GIAC contents in the future development. In addition, GIAC faculty members show the strong research performance with the average 4 journal or conference publications per faculty member per year. GIAC works to advance Taiwan government strategic mission and to define the technological research program of the 21st century in automation. GIAC produces graduates who are well-prepared to enter and assume leadership roles in the automation profession. GIAC provides research and intellectual resources to address problems facing the industry and the world.


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