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Connecting the World with Your On-Site Experience in Taiwan: Exploring the Beauty and Innovation of our Rural Education

‧Widen your understanding and vision of Taiwan and its people
‧Involve yourself in the primary school and its activities
‧Express your ideas, motivation, values and talents
‧Call for action to share Taiwanese cultural/educational characteristics with the world

We have so many stories to tell. Each story testified to the idea of how it matters if we do not give up something that is worth preserving. Although human resources in education system of the rural areas are relatively scarce, teachers and volunteers contribute to generating vibrant ideas for course designs at school. Our project helps you to discover different identities, around which (un)familiar places and human landscapes are negotiated, and borders and boundaries are crossed and re-crossed.

TEEP@NCCU is a continuity plan, subsequent to the primary TEEP (Taiwan Experience Education Program for International Talents), organized and run by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan. As initially planned, TEEP provides you with the opportunity to engages your attention to the innovation and creativity in our schools and the environment. TEEP@NCCU underpins multiple aspects and brings together a number of students who are from different specialties. Our project will enable you to gain a clearer idea of WHERE YOU ARE and WHAT YOU CAN DO during your stay in Taiwan, whether you are going to remain in Taiwan or to bring back good memories.

Program: Connecting the World with Your On-Site Experience in Taiwan: Exploring the Beauty and Innovation of our Rural Education
School: National Chengchi University
Organizer: Office of TEEP@NCCU
Co-Organizer: K-12 Education Administration
  • 2018 March to July
  • 2018/03/24~2018/07/16

Period of Apply:
  • 2018/02/02 ~ 2018/02/28
Tuition Fee: The program is financed by the TFCF, which covers all activities during the camp preparation and during the camp period.

Contact Person: Mr. Jony (Program Coordinator)

TEL: +886-2-29387729

Website of Program:,r11-1.php

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