Creating an Educational Hub for Southeast Asia – A Center for Converging Asian Talent

Emerging 21st century trends, within higher education, show that greater numbers of international students are taking advantage of their educational mobility opportunities. Students from Southeast Asia have become an important focus and are receiving more government subsidies than ever before, especially in the areas of technical education. Since Taiwan's education standards and institutions of higher education are among the leading institutions of the world, Taiwan has become an important educational gateway for many countries in Southeast Asia.

Taiwan's relatively low tuition rates, favorable living conditions, and conducive Mandarin Chinese learning environment are some of the strong reasons why international students select Taiwan as their final study destination, especially after students compare the cost of living in Taiwan with other western countries. Additionally, Taiwan's institutions of higher education have been actively recruiting outstanding international students with exceptional talents, which has also led to Taiwan's status of becoming a Center for Higher Education within Southeast Asia.

Given this background the following approaches have been adopted:

Taiwan has a lot to offer to the world. International students are now considering Taiwan as their first choice for Mandarin Chinese language learning, undergraduate and graduate degree programs, along with short-term study programs.

Taiwan is known for many outstanding cultural aspects: its popular multi-ethnic cuisine, historic landmarks and pristine environment to name a few. However, what Taiwan is best known for among international students is its world renowned and friendly "Taiwan spirit"…a place where students' dreams can come true.