Academia-Industry Collaboration

Entrepreneurship is a telling feature that sets Taiwan apart from most of its Asian neighbors. Against the dominance of a few conglomerates in many countries, small and medium-sized enterprises account for 98 percent of the Taiwan economy as local people have a natural disposition for starting their own business. In this entrepreneur-led society, universities have a lot to offer when it comes to R&D. In the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2015, Taiwan's "Science development" and "Technology development" were ranked 9th among the 61 surveyed countries.

To facilitate the transformation of research output from universities into economic fruits, the MOE has put in place an incentive program (the Incentive Program of the Performance of Academia-industry Collaboration) to further advance academia-industry collaboration. Operation centers are installed at 11 universities where specialized managers are brought in to help consolidate their respective R&D resources and incubation centers as well as technology transfer projects. The objective is to provide industry with a friendly, competent service platform.

Simply put, all the operation centers under the incentive program for academia-industry collaboration are charged with the duty of unifying each university's R&D, technology transfer and incubation endeavors. Furthermore, the Program of the Alliance of Academia-Industry Collaboration is intended as a provider of one-stop services linking the two sectors with a view to helping consolidate specific industrial technologies.

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