National Tsing Hua University - 2016 NTHU Mandarin Summer Camp for Kids&Teenagers

Programs Introduction

Last release date: Dec 22, 2015

Field of Study

Chinese Literature


Chinese Language Center


2016-06-27 ~ 2016-07-22

Media Language

50% ↆ in English

Mandarin Chinese
Our courses are designed to integrate theory and practice, teaching the four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) needed to communicate effectively. The curriculum covers a range of levels, from basic to advanced, beginning with vocabulary and grammar applicable to daily life and proceeding to more specialized topics.

Culture Exploration & Sports
We organize cultural activities and social events to give students the opportunity to experience different aspects of Taiwanese daily life and Chinese culture. We will also cooperate with student clubs at NTHU and let our students experience traditional Chinese culture, such as Kung-fu, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese knots, and Chinese yo-yo, etc.


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School Informations

National Tsing Hua University

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