National Yang-Ming University - A summer program on the Traditional Medicine, Taiwanese Culture and Art (TMTCA) at National Yang-Ming University Taipei, Taiwan

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Last release date: Jul 25, 2013

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Agriculture, others


Inst. of Traditional Medcine 傳統醫學研究所


2012-07-08 ~ 2012-08-23

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The National Yang-Ming University TMTCA program with credits is a one and half month program to introduce to international students with traditional medicine and Taiwanese culture and art. This program is to accept students for 7 weeks during summer break.

Courses are taught in English and on-site visits after lessons. Students can benefit from this program on:
(a) Basic knowledge of traditional medicine, especially acupuncture, acupoints,
meridians, and Chinese herb therapy. In addition, students can also learn how the
ancient apply ying-yang and five elements to the therapy of traditional medicine.
(b) Lectures are taught by well-experienced professors who also diagnose patients in
the clinic. Students can benefit a lot through these teachers’ valuable experiences
of diagnosis through bedside training.
(c) Overall knowledge of Chinese culture and arts, ex. pottery, literature, history, etc.
(d) Interaction with Taiwan students and international students from different countries.

Offered courses ranged from Meridians, Basic Principle of Acupuncture, Energetic Message Medicine, Micro-Needle: Ear Needle & Weight-Control, Massage, Electro-Acupuncture & Needle-Knife Therapy to Clinical Observation on Chinese Medicine, students could learn useful knowledge from our summer programme and also experience the mystery of Chinese Medicine.


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