2012 "Study in Taiwan" Call for Story

October 01, 2012 - October 31, 2012

We FICHET now invite you to share your 
stories with the whole world.

It is said by many international students that the time they spent study in Taiwan was no doubt the most memorable time of their life. Not only did they experience the warm heartily welcome from Taiwanese people, but also enjoyed the benefit of good quality higher education. For those of you who’re still studying in Taiwan, what kind of impressions does Taiwan leave in your mind? Is it the challenging debate on class, or the convenient stores that opens 24/7 at every street corner? Is it the beautiful landscapes all around Taiwan, or the night markets that fill with aroma, flavor and laughter? We FICHET now invite you to share your stories with the whole world in pictures and words, so that your one of the kind “Study in Taiwan” story can be heard by all the others.