National Chung Cheng University - CCU International Student Scholarship

Scholarship Introduction

Target group


Education Background

graduated, undergraduated


Research, Study

Field of study

Communicatino & Journalism, Law, Education, Psychology, Political Science, Economics, Management, Commerce (including Accounting), Social Welfare & Social Work, Regional Studies, others, Electrical & Elecronics Egnineering, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Enginerring, others, Art, Chinese Literature, Foreign Lanugages & Literatures, History, Philosophy, Physical Education, others, Genetics、Biochemistry、Microbiology & Immunology, Mathematics & Statistics, Physics & Astronomy, Chemistry, Geography & Geosciencs, Computer Science, Life science & Biology, others, Others

Country of Origion

No limit

Eligible candidates

Depend on the documents applicants provide

Value and purpose of grant

National Chung Cheng University hereby enacts the Policy in accordance with Article 21 of the "National Chung Cheng University Guidelines on Governing the Enrollment of International Students", in order to promote the globalization of the University and recruit excellent international students in pursuit of an internationalized university.


Monthly living allowance- about NTD 0
Tuition reduced or free
Misc. reduced or free
Accommodation offers

More information

School Informations

National Chung Cheng University

Contact Person : Ms. Tzu-Wei Huang
TEL : +886-5-272-0411 ext. 17603
FAX : +886-5-272-3673