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When applying for admission to a Taiwan university, the application procedures depend on your chosen subject and your country of origin. Requirements and application deadlines can vary from university to university, and also from degree program to degree program.


【Entry Requirements】


International students who meet the following requirements are eligible to apply:

1. Nationality requirements

 - International Student: An individual of foreign nationality, who has never held nationality status from the Republic of China (“ROC”) and who does not possess an overseas Chinese student status at the time of his/her application is qualified to apply for admission. For detailed regulations, please refer to the Ministry of Education’s “Regulations for International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan.”

 - Overseas Chinese Student: Student of Chinese descent who has come to Taiwan to study, who was born and lived overseas until the time of application, or who has been living overseas for six or more consecutive years in the immediate past and obtained permanent or long-term residency status overseas is qualified and must apply for admission through the “University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students”.


2. Academic qualifications requirements

 - Students with a high school diploma are eligible to apply for undergraduate programs; students with a Bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply for Master programs, and students with a Master’s degree are eligible to apply for Ph.D. programs.


【Documents for Submission】

1. Application forms

2. Photocopies of the original graduation diploma (if the original is not in English or Chinese, an English or  Chinese translation must be provided). 

3. Financial statement

4. Letters of recommendation

5. Application fee

6. Other documents required by the university or college


1. Every university in Taiwan has an Office of International Affairs to provide advice and support for international students, and also to manage admission enrollment. For further information, please directly contact the school’s Office of International Affairs (check our database for the correct contact information).

2. Certain educational institutions and programs require your university diploma and transcript to be notarized by the ROC representative office or embassy in your country. Contact the program to which you are applying to ask if this notarization is required. If it is, we strongly advise you to complete this process before you leave your country. Specific practices and requirements vary from country to country. Please contact the ROC representative office or embassy in your country for details.


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