star Business Administration/ Master program (IMBA)

Programs Introduction

Last release date: Mar 27, 2014

Field of Study

Management, Commerce (including Accounting)

Program Level



fall, spring


College of Management


Graduate School of Business Administration


Taipei Campus

Period of study(hrs)


Dead Line


Media Language

90% ↑ in English

Chinese proficiency


Research Emphases

To cooperate with the national progress and to meet Taiwan’s needs for economic development, MCU started this graduate program to train students as professionals in the field of management on the Taipei campus beginning from August, 1992. Current MCU president, Dr. Chuan Lee, was the first Director for the Graduate School of Management.

In the first year (1992), 15 students entered the program. In 1993, the number of students increased to 20. In 1994, Dr. Chin-Tsai Lin became the second director, with 25 new students entering the program. In 1995, Dr. Shiuh-Nan Hwang became the third director, and the number of incoming students was up to 28. A doctoral program was established in 1997. "

Admission Requirements

1 Identity

Applicants who meet one of the followings, he/she is NOT eligible for applying as an international student:

(1) He/She has ever studied in ROC as an Overseas Chinese student.

(2) He/She has applied and obtained a high school degree as an international student in ROC and would like to pursue a further degree.

(3) He/She has been expelled by a university or college in ROC.

(4) He/She holds nationality of Hong Kong or Macau or People’s Republic of China.

(5) He/She holds ROC nationality.

(6) He/She held ROC nationality, and has not renounced it for more than 8 years, up until the start of the semester he/she seeks admission.

2. Academic Background

Ⅰ Undergraduate admission: High school graduate or equivalent.

(1) Form 6 (Year 12) graduate: Students must submit completed 3- or 4-year high school transcripts and A-levels, baccalaureat, bachillerato or other school certificates.

(2) Form 5 (Year 11) graduate: Students must submit completed 2- or 3-year high school transcripts and leaving certificates or other school certificates. Form 5 graduates required to take extra general courses for at least 12 credits.

Ⅱ Graduate admission: University/ Master graduate or equivalent. Students must submit completed 3- or 4-year official English transcripts of courses from all university/master years and diploma.

3. Language Requirements

Ⅰ Sufficient English ability (Only applicable to students who apply to English-taught programs).

(1) Applicants with English as a native language or graduates from school where English is the language of instruction.

(2) Applicants who have achieved required scores on an internationally recognized English proficiency test (TOEFL CBT 173 or IELTS 5.5)

(3) Applicants who fail to meet the above requirements must take the MCU English Proficiency Test. Those who fail the English test must take the intensive English courses organized by Ming Chuan University Language Center. Students will need to pay tuition of the language courses during study at the English Language Center.

Ⅱ TOCFL superior level < > or HSK 6 < > (Only applicable to students who apply to Chinese-taught programs).

4. Others

For “Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan”, please visit:

Graduation Requirements

All International freshmen or first-year students can waive “Basic English Listening and Oral Communication” and “Basic English Reading and Grammar” , if meeting IC entrance English proficiency requirement or with an English proficiency certificate of at least TOEFL 500 / IBT61, IELTS 5 or GEPT – Intermediate Level.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition Fee (Amount/Term): NTD$47,601 per semester


Contact Person : Ms. Alison Yu
TEL : +886-2-2882 4564 Ext. 8023
E-mail :

School Informations

Ming Chuan Universtiy

Contact Person : 林郁萍
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