Aerospace and Systems Engineering (Master's Degree)

Programs Introduction

Last release date: Jun 15, 2017

Field of Study

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Program Level



fall, spring

Dead Line


Media Language

50% ↆ in English

Chinese proficiency


Admission Requirements

Basic requirements:

1. On-line application

2. Application checklist

3. Copy of passport or other equivalent verification of nationality

4. Declaration

5. One photocopy of the highest educational diploma

6. One photocopy of transcript

7. Financial statement

When granted admissions, applicants have to submit the original copies of the last three documents (copies of the highest educational diploma, transciprt and financial statement) which are verified by a Taiwan representative office. An official acceptance letter will be then mailed to the applicant for the visa application after the verified copies are received.

Additional required documents:

1. Autobiography

2. Two reference letters (Please provide the name, address, telephone number and email address.)

3. Any supplementary materials helpful for reveiw

4. Study Plan

Tuition and Fees

Tuition & Fees:

1. Tuition: NT$65,960/per semester

2. Books: approximately NT$8,000/per semester

3. Housing:

a. Deposit $1,500/per semester

b. Rent NT$17,250/per semester

c. Maintenance $3,000/per semester

d. Utilities is not included


1. International Student Medical Insurance NT$500/per month

2. National Health Insurance NT$659/per month (After 6 month you get ARC and stay in Taiwan continuously)

3. Student Insurance NT$220/per semester

Living Expenses:

Approximately $9,000/per month

*The fees mentioned above are subject to change.

FCU International Student Scholarship:

The University grants three types of scholarships/financial aid: "full amount of tuition and miscellaneous expenses", " half amount of tuition and miscellaneous expenses" and "Living allowance" to international students.

To apply for International Student Scholarship, please mark the option on the on-line application form.


Contact Person : Ms. Chu
TEL : +886-4-24517250 ext. 3951
E-mail :

School Informations

Feng Chia University

Contact Person : Sharon Chu
TEL : +886-4-24517250 ext. 2940
FAX : +886-4-24521036