PABLO F. CARDENAS ECHEVERRIA (Honduras) Studying at National Taiwan University


【Student Profile】 (December, 2016)

Country: Honduras
University: National Taiwan University
Program: Mechanical Engineering

My name is Pablo Echeverria. I am a senior student in the Mechanical Engineering department at National Taiwan University. I’ve been living and studying in Taiwan since 2011 and I would say this has been an eye-opening experience.

Taiwanese education, and especially NTU, has very high standards and can be extremely demanding at some points. As I look back to my freshman year, I remember being this young student overwhelmed by the exigence in my classes. Eventually, as I began to mature, I began to keep up the pace and end up enjoying the demanding schedule Mechanical Engineering in NTU has.

At the beginning it might seem a little difficult to adapt to Taiwanese Universities. Their expectations tend to be a lot higher. There is a huge language barrier and sometimes you feel that what you are doing is not enough. I am grateful to have found several professors who always kept cheering me up and encouraging me to keep going.

Having the opportunity to come to Taiwan to study has allowed me to broaden my perspective of life. I come from a country where students are expected to work after University and seek wealth. NTU has given me the opportunity to realize knowledge is more important than wealth.

I could conclude that thanks to these five years, I’ve been able to become a better person. My aim has shifted from self-indulgence to actually try to do something to make the world a better place.


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