Erna Sulistyowati (Indonesia) Studying at Kaohsiung Medical University


【Student Profile】 (December, 2016)

Name: Erna Sulistyowati
Country: Indonesia
University: Kaohsiung Medical University
Program: Medicine

I am pursuing Ph.D program in Taiwan because this country has far advance research related to translational medicine and produce many published journal in high impact factor are from Taiwan. Study in Taiwan take cost cheaper than other country while we could get the same quality as we study in well-developed countries.

I am a medical doctor, for that reason I choose Kaohsiung Medical University, one of the top university in Taiwan. This campus has many experts in medical research and a lot of publication related to my topic, cardiovascular. More than this, many teachers and staffs are easy to help foreign student, step by step since the student begin to apply until they are accepted and during studying in KMU. That are all the foreign students need while they are studying abroad.

A great thing I get study here is ability to do biomedical laboratory research by my own hands; it is amazing for MD profession.

Now I am on the second year study in KMU, and I have already finished my research and start to write papers and preparing to participate in several conferences to improve my knowledge and skill in presenting research and connect to researcher community.

I feel peaceful here, although I am a Moslem, everybody respects me and campus provide me a room to pray. They also provide Chinese language class to help the students learn Chinese. So we are easy to communicate with local people.

Last but not least, I would like to inform you that pursuing study (basic medical science) in Taiwan is a very great experience. You will get many brand new experiences instead of knowledge and skill.


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